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I have ten or so posts on assorted topics in the works, but will probably not send out reminders until after Labor Day.  To check on recent posts go here, which always shows the most recent post; and the Archive is ready access to any past post.  I usually post once or twice a week, “as the spirit moves”.

The three below items are recommendations, should you have passed them by, previously (they are all from previous posts).

One:  Thoughtful viewing of these two videos can be very helpful understanding yourself and others, and they’re uplifting too.

[from July 29, 2022]  “4.  A Learning Opportunity for You: A Private Universe

Back in the late 1980s, my friend, Kathy, then a 5th grade teacher, sent me a handout from some inservice she had attended.  It had spoke to her.  I read it, and I kept it.

A couple of weeks ago for whatever reason she sent me the exact same handout she’d sent years ago.  It caused me to look at it much more carefully, and it spoke to me, and I think it can speak to all of us in these days when getting stuck in our own certainty is a major problem for our very society.

I think it came to me because she and I had recently chatted about the difficulty of conversing about politics in general, even with people we know well.

This time, I looked up A Private Universe on the internet, and I invite you to do the same.  In 1987 it was a learning research project with junior high school students, which apparently endures.

I invite you to in particular watch the videos #1 (the original, featuring junior high kids) and 8 (Q&A some years later with the ‘star’ of the original), which won’t take much of your time, and then translate their topic to your own contemporary idea about communicating with people with differing opinions from your own about most anything.

I think you’ll find the time well spent, and learn something about yourself as well.

Here’s the sheet Kathy sent me, not complete, but you’ll get the idea: Private Universe 1980s.  The videos will add much more.”


Two:  The two films, below, are directly related, about 40 years apart.  “The Day After” attracted 100,000,000 viewers in 1983.  “Television Event”  is about the making of the film.  The Director of the 1983 film, Nicholas Meyers, is the live guest on the webcast on August 24 Pre-registration info next para).

[from Aug. 7, 2022]: “PRENOTE: I’ve previously identified the on-line event relating to this with several very interesting remaining segments Aug 10, 17, 24, 31.  Details are here.  Please note especially Aug. 24 and 31.  Pre-registration is required for each segment, and early registration is recommended.  This is worth your time.  Take a look at the descriptors and enroll.

I watched “The Day After” with several hundred others ….  It was a wise use of time, as was viewing of Television Event, the story of the making of The Day After, a couple of days earlier.

Both films are easily available on-line.”


Three (upcoming event): [see posts for Aug 5, 2022, here, see #3; and here]

The Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule 2022

The Golden Rule  begins its Grand Loop of the midwest and eastern U.S. at Stillwater, Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota Sep 17-23.  Details are here:

Stillwater: Golden Rule Stillwater Sep 17-19

Minneapolis-St. Paul: Golden Rule Mpls:St Paul Sep 23-25

Grand Loop 15 month Draft Schedule: Golden Rule Grand Loop Sep 22 – Jan 24 at many places down the Mississippi and Gulf Coast, then up the east coast, etc.

The very interesting Golden Rule website is here.  For those on Facebook, GoldenRulePeaceBoat.

Anyone with any interest in the folly of  nuclear and other weaponized war will want to participate.  This is an opportunity to support an important demonstration of concern.  Please share.


from Judy:  your comment are always excellent.  Please take care.

I will wait until after Labor Day for moire news.  God’s blessing to you stay well.

from Jermitt:  I loved the video on the children learning about the phases of the moon and how we have seasons.  Thinking back to when I was a science teacher, I’m not sure if my students truly understood this interesting occurrence in their lives.  I know I covered this topic, but still not sure if they would remember these concepts today.  Thanks for sharing. Dick.



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  1. Harry Bury
    Harry Bury says:

    The Golden Rule Boat will be a part of 12 Days Free from Violence organized by the organization, Twin Cities Nonviolent.
    The 12 Days will commence on International Peace Day, September 21st and end on October 2nd, Mahama Gandhi’s
    The opening on Wednesday, September 21st will be at the Lake/Marshall Avenue bridge beginning at 4 PM. Music will be followed by brief talks, one by a member of the Golden Rule. At 5 PM people who wish will hold hands across the bridge until 6 PM. Please come and be the us, as we seek peace through active nonviolence.
    Rev. Harry J Bury


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