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This post publicizes three distinct but directly related events in the next month and a half.  #1 and #2 are in progress now.  #3 is in September.

My July 29 post began with the below note, specifically related to #1, below:

PRE-NOTE to everyone:  August 6 and 9 are the 77th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  There is a significant on-line event relating to this with segments Aug 3, 6, 10, 17, 24, 31.  Details are here.  Pre-registration is required for each segment, and early registration is recommended.  This is worth your time.


Tomorrow is August 6, and on August 3, I watched the film advertised for August 3 (in the earlier link, above).

This film, “Television Event”, 90 minutes and released in 2020, is detailed here.   The film is a retrospective on what was the then-most watched U.S. television special to that date in November, 1983.  It is easily accessible on-line.

On November 20, 1983, the event recalled in Television Event was a total evening special on ABC, most of which was a showing of the film “The Day After”, about the consequences of nuclear war, to be shown on line on Saturday, Aug. 6 (see above link, RSVP required).

Television Event is absolutely engrossing…a look at history as well as an opportunity on what it means in this time in history, 50 years later.  I highly recommend it.  Melanie, who’s been organizing these activities, commented: “I am looking forward to seeing “The Day After” .  I was too scared before (I don’t like violent movies) but after seeing Television Event I know I can do it.  Plus I have skimmed through it and know the ending so that will help.

Watching Television Event is a suggested prequel to the followup events, detailed at the above link.  The events at the other dates may interest you as well.  Each event asks pre-registration.  

There’s the noted saying: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

We all have a personal role to play in the future of our planet, and the films and the later discussion is great food for thought.




This weekend are  related upcoming events: Hiroshima-Nagasaki annual commemoration in Minneapolis, detail here: HiroshimaNagasaki_2022vs2




Golden Rule begins its tour of the central and eastern U.S. Sep 2-27 in Twin Cities area.  Please read on  and watchful future information.

The Golden Rule 2022

Local Sponsor Veterans for Peace #27

From 1946 to 1958 the U.S. dropped 67 nuclear bombs in the Marshall Islands, displacing the indigenous inhabitants and spreading radiation around the globe. The concerned public unsuccessfully tried to stop the nuclear weapons testing.

In 1958 four Quaker peace activists sailed the Golden Rule toward the Marshall Islands attempting to halt nuclear weapons testing. The US Coast Guard boarded her in Honolulu and arrested her crew, causing an international outcry.

The arrests sparked worldwide awareness of the dangers of radiation, which was being found in mother’s milk. In 1963, President Kennedy, along with leaders of the UK and the USSR, signed the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, banning nuclear testing in air, water, or space, but allowing it underground.

In 2010 Golden Rule was found as a sunken, derelict wreck in northern California’s Humboldt Bay. Over five years, she was lovingly restored by members of Veterans For Peace, Quakers and wooden boat lovers. 

The Golden Rule again sails for a nuclear-free world and a peaceful, sustainable future.

During 2015 – 2022 the Golden Rule sailed the West Coast between British Columbia and San Diego and to Hawai’i and back.  The Golden Rule Project has given hundreds of educational presentations about nuclear issues and led many peace flotillas.

From Sept 2022 through Dec 2023 the Golden Rule will sail “The Great Loop.” Launching on the St. Croix River she will sail down the entire Mississippi River, along the Gulf states, up the east coast to Maine, through the Hudson River and Erie Canal, around the Great Lakes, and down the center of the country back to the Gulf of Mexico.

This 15-month voyage will take the Golden Rule into 100 towns and cities and cover 11,000 miles. Her first stops are Stillwater, Hudson, Prescott and Hastings from Sept. 2 – 19.  She will then sail to St. Paul and Minneapolis (Sept. 19 – 27) before continuing to Redwing and points downstream.

Along the way, Golden Rule representatives will speak to many groups about how their actions can bring about nuclear disarmament and stop the possibility of nuclear war.  In this time of war, bringing hope through action is a great antidote to the fearful messages that governments and media spread.  Golden Rule events also highlight local environmental, climate change and peace & justice issues by giving others a chance to speak and connecting their issues to the need to stop all war.

Great Loop Volunteers Needed With your help, the Golden Rule can visit 28 large cities and 68 small towns bringing awareness of nuclear issues to thousands of people.

Organize an event! Are you a member of a peace, justice, environmental, climate change, civic club or political action group? Are you a member of a church? Are you a student or teacher?

You can welcome the Golden Rule to your town, host a panel presentation, have a potluck, a gala dinner fundraiser, or a community peace party.  Plant a peace pole!

Volunteer in other ways!  Please let us know how you can help. We need crew hosts, musicians, authors, speakers, social media posters, and more.
Please contact Project Manager Helen Jaccard at 206-992-6364 / for information on organizing an event for your group.
Thank you!   Emoji  Mary McNellis, VFP Chapter 27
from Joyce, to #1: I remember watching the Day After. A film I found much more engaging and moving was this one: Testament.
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