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A Summer Read

Spring is here; the ice is out, and for some people, canoeing on the northern lakes is on the mind. This very evening, Friday May 20, my sister and brother-in-law, at the doorstep of 50 years marriage, are setting up their first overnight in Ontario’s immense Quetico park.  The map of their itinerary, starting at […]

Buffalo et al

There is nothing much to add to the two posts in my in-box today relating to the latest killing spree  in Buffalo. Heather Cox Richardson,  May 15: here. The Weekly Sift: White replacement is MAGA’s unified field theory. A totally different slant, which I don’t think was coincidental programming, was  last nights 60 Minutes presentations,  one […]


PRENOTE: The film Mission: Joy still on through May 19. Details. This weekend is the annual Garage Sale in Woodbury.  A good neighbor and friend, Jim, is having such a sale and passed along an idea he and his wife are pursuing as their contribution to the Ukraine Crisis.  This is just a single idea […]


Last week my friend, Bob, called to let me know that Larry Woiwode had died.   Here’s another obit from the Minot Daily News. Larry was probably not a household name, but he certainly was not average either.  At the North Dakota State Capitol, he is one of those few whose photo is on the […]


POSTNOTE May 17:  I saw the film in person last night.  Very worthwhile.  It will probably be one of the Festival favorites and thus have a special showing in a week or two.  At the end of the film was a link to a special website to carry on the message.  You can visit it […]

Mom’s Day and “Victory Day”

All best wishes to all Mom’s on this Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8, especially those whose lives are severely impacted by war and division, especially, but not only, in Ukraine. I did a related post on May 4.  You can read it here.  It has already had several comments.  It is titled, “Yesterday”, and about […]


Overnight, I woke up thinking of the Beatle’s and their song “Yesterday”.  Here’s the 1965 version. Of course, yesterday everything was about the infamous Supreme Court draft killing Roe v. Wade.  More below on that. But there was more, yesterday, as there is, every day….  My friend, Jim, long-time resident of the beautiful but purposely […]

Back in business

PLEASE NOTE: The permanent new address for this blog is here.  More below about this change….  Now, Forward! A Political Convention:  Our local Senate District had its convention April 23.  I attended, and my thoughts afterwards can be read here: DFL District Conv Apr 23 2022  (“snip” it was very worthwhile.  Downside, somebody who was there […]

April 17, 2022

Today is Easter in the Christian tradition.  I’m Catholic, so I plan to be in Church, the first in-person attendance at Easter services since the Pandemic. Friday was the first day of Passover, and began the second week of Ramadan.  Kathy from the Reconciliation Project wrote on April 14:  “And we are one week into […]

Ukraine reader.

Today is April 14.  Easter is Sunday April 17; Passover begins Friday April 15.  History continues each and every day, and we all are makers of that history.  Like it or not, the tragedy of Ukraine is part of our history this season of 2022. Two days ago, April 11, I published a long post […]