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Friday, list member and long-time friend, Carol, sent me this photo from south Minneapolis… …which was date/time stamped May 29, 2020, at 7:07 a.m..  The photographer is looking towards nearby Lake Street. This is not a routine photo to me.  My friend Ruhel’s GandhiMahal Restaurant on 27th and Lake was burned overnight on May 29, […]


Some comments on Covid-19 at three years, here. * Monday is Memorial Day, and as is my usual practice, I’ll join the Vets for Peace commemoration at the Minnesota State Capitol Grounds (near the Vietnam Memorial at 9:30 a.m.).  Peace and War are always in attendance at this event.  This year,  overlaying the peace conversation […]

Covid-19 at three years

The May 21, Minneapolis Star Tribune had an excellent editorial as we continue in year four after “normal” came to be redefined in March, 2020. The editorial is here, and worth your time: Covid-19 editorial StarTribune May 21 2023. My handy counter says that Covid-19 came up 143 times in my blog since March of […]


PRENOTE: Several additions to the Oregon Trail post here.  Especially note John’s comment about “The Way” * It is impossible to stay ahead of ‘breaking news’.  It is almost enough to drive a sane person mad.  I say “almost”…. Some current events: The Republican U.S. House of Representatives is holding the world hostage over a very […]

Oregon Trail by bike, etc.

Pre-note: I heard Martin Sheen and his son, Emilio Estevez, describe the recently rereleased film, “The Way“, Monday.  The film sounded absolutely fascinating, and we went for the single day showing at a local theater on Tuesday.  The film far exceeded my already high expectations.  At this writing, I’m not sure of the future schedule […]

Mother’s Day

Once again, Mother’s Day competes with The Fishing Opener in Minnesota.  This has been going on so long that it is no longer news.  Some Mother’s are out fishing.  Happy Mother’s Day to all. I lead this message with a photo that would make my Dad smile.  Dad, I suppose, would be considered a little […]

Brown vs Board of Education

My brother, John, is enjoying retirement years by doing a lot of biking, and his most recent jaunt, with a friend, has been along the route of the Oregon Trail. Around my birthday, he sent a message with photo, as follows: “Currently leaving Topeka Kansas – decided to take an extra day here because of […]

The Great Placement*

About a month ago, I decided to do a post on a topic in which I’ve long been interested, but had spent little time on: the immigration of French-Canadians to the Midwest.  The results are in two posts, April 21 and 28, both accessible here. Here’s a general map for reference. Coincidentally, on May 11, […]

Brownsville, and Texas

POSTNOTE 4:30 a.m. CDT May 9, 2023: America, Texas, everywhere, is full of decent respectful people.  I will witness this today, as I do every day.  So will you.  As I suggested below, I witnessed Texas in better days.  But even today, Texas and everywhere will seem to be a good place full of good […]


This morning I went to a Town Hall report given by our local State Senator, Nicole Mitchell. Sen. Mitchell is in her first term.  She did an excellent job. Her one hour demonstrated to us how complicated a job we citizens give to our representatives. There were about 60 of us in attendance. Our Senate […]