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A month ago, this tree in our yard reminded us of the coming season. One month at this time of year makes a difference here in Minnesota.  No leaves on the tree, now, but no lasting snow on the ground either.  Thanksgiving day will be chilly, but nice otherwise. As we all know, the seasons […]

Gaza (3)

Today came an on-line column from an historian I really respect concerning a topic we are all forced to confront.  You can read it here.  I hope you take the time to not only read but think and act about it.  Read it before or after you read what follows, but I hope you read […]

A Moment in Time….

Every family has a history.  I think I can justly claim to have been more involved than most in preserving family heritage memories of both my mother and dad’s families in rural North Dakota. One of the particularly evocative photos I have is below, taken in early August, 1972, after the funeral of my grandmother, […]


The Sunday Nov. 12, 2023 Minneapolis Star Tribune carried a story about the upcoming Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Medora ND.  You can read the article here: Theodore Roosevelt ND Star Tribune Nov 12 2023.  The Library is scheduled to open in 2026. No, this isn’t a joke.  I’ve known about its planning for some […]

Armistice Day

POSTNOTE Nov. 12: Yesterday, after the bell-ringing at the Victory Memorial, came some personal reflections on War, generally (see “Later” section).  The most recent, overnight, is an essay from Heather Cox Richardson, on the end of WWI and the almost immediate transition to WWII.  Her note is powerful and you can read it here. On […]

Gaza/Israel (2) one month

Pre-note: Overnight, from Sue: Tuesday night. “Frontline on PBS showed an old documentary of theirs detailing the history of Israeli-Palestinian attempts at peace over a number of years from the Cairo Agreement of 1994 through the Oslo Accords to the Wye River Memorandum to the Camp David Summit and the Taba Summit to the outbreak […]

Gaza/Israel one month

A few brief musings from Oct. 31. One month ago today, October 7, 2023, the carnage occurred ‘outside the walls’ of Gaza in Israel.  I wrote about it on October 8, here, and early on (in a note on Oct. 13) said I’d comment more on the one month anniversary, which is today.  The latest […]

October 31, 2023

Please see endnote as well. Halloween eve it snowed overnight, the first of the season, certainly not the last.  Something we look forward to, and then wonder why….  Here’s the view from the garage at 9 a.m. Tuesday. It brings to mind another Halloween: October 31, 1991.  I was in Hibbing at the time.  Halloween […]

Le Vent du Nord

There is a great plenty of difficult news out there in our world.  This is an opportunity to take a refreshing and very enjoyable break. Last Sunday evening we spent a great couple of hours with the Quebec music group Le Vent du Nord.  There was a full house at the Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis. […]


PRENOTE:  Some comments have been added at the very end of the Oct 8 post about Gaza.  Here.  I expect to do a followup post on this topic on Nov.. 4.  Your contribution is solicited. * In a couple of months I’ll mark 24 years retired after a 36 year career in public education.  Nonetheless, […]