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The First Day of Spring

For many years – I don’t remember the first – I’ve declared February 1 to be the first day of Spring. This morning, here, it was near zero, 3 degrees at 8:45.  That isn’t Spring weather.  On the other hand, it was a bright, sunshiny morning, and it was calm, and the roads were dry. […]

Memphis et al

The headline of today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune was hardly a surprise.  Here it is, as found at our door this morning. I don’t find much point in commenting directly about the latest tragedies.  There is an abundance of news.  Tyre and the others are not the first and unfortunately not the last.  I’ve commented on […]

50 years

Monday is the 50th anniversary of the decision in Roe v Wade. Letters from an American gives a good brief discussion of the history, here. I note that I have written something including references to abortion 38 times since 2009 at this blog site.  That’s about three times a year.  I have not changed my […]

MLK, redux

My brief post on Monday (here) brought eight comments, all well worth revisiting. Among them was a note from Sonya: “I have been reading Strength To Love, a book of Martin Luther King’s sermons published in May 1964. Its pages are now dog-eared and full of underlined sections that I thought especially profound. I would […]


Today is the 37th Martin Luther King Day. MLK 1/15/29- 4/4/68 On Saturday, my friend Joyce sent along a message about the Jan. 14, 2023, New York Times, a column by Jamelle Bouie.  I’d recommend that you read this column, here: NYT Jamelle Bouie Jan 2023.   Bouie focuses on a sermon given by MLK […]


The primary purpose of this post is the following paragraph.  I know J. and her work well.  The talk on Zoom next week is very much worth your time. Upcoming: One week from today, Thursday, January 19, 7 p.m. CST.  J. Drake Hamilton of Fresh Energy will be guest speaker via Zoom for Citizens for […]

House Rules

Postnote January 11 & 12, 2023:  What rages on, beginning yesterday, are the papers found in Biden’s office which were immediately reported and produced to the National Archives.  There is much more to this story, and more to be told. Personally, I support the established legal process of the Department of Justice.   One of […]

Speaker of the House

Last night the Speaker for the 118th Congress was elected 216-212: two years after January 6, 2021; two months after Nov. 8, 2022; three days after January 3, 2023; 15 ballots after…. My post, is here.  I have read all of the comments, from 1o individuals.  I welcome more, which I will add here. The […]


Jan 5, 2022 8:45 p.m. – See postnote before Comments section. Jan 5 10 a.m. CST – There are comments coming in, but no time to add a few of them.  See the end of post for others.  They’re worth reading.  Check back later this afternoon. * We’re in the third day of paralysis in […]

Revisiting History

POSTNOTE; 8:30 P.M. Jan. 3:  A very powerful video from Ukraine President Zelenskyy to his people at New Year 2023.  17 minutes.  Subtitled.  Here.  Great thanks to Molly. * Today is when the U.S. Congress is sworn in – a biennial ritual for, I suppose, most of the 235 or so years there has been […]