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2022 US Election

I wondered about voter turnout in the 2020 election in the United States.  Here’s what the Census Department reported.  In numbers: about 240 million were eligible to vote; only two-thirds actually voted in the heaviest turnout ever; the vast majority of those, about 156 of the 158 million, voted for the Democrat or Republican candidates […]

Nuclear Weapons

POSTNOTE: from the Saturday Minneapolis Star Tribune, here. PRENOTE:  Today early voting begins in Minnesota.  Any information for a Minnesota voter can be seen here.  National information here.  NBC has a Plan Your Vote site as well. I will post about the upcoming election, likely on Mon. Sep. 26. More about Golden Rule at Watergate […]

International Day of Peace

Today is the International Day of Peace (IDP).  On this day, in fact, as I write this sentence, President Biden is addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. IDP is an initiative of the United Nations.  The UN history of the day is here.  The short story: the day was first observed […]

The British Empire

Today was the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.  It was about 10 days ago that she died. The British Empire from Wikimedia Commons.  (You can access a larger version of the map at the Wiki article on the British Empire.  Pink shading is the maximum extent of the empire.) My initial post “The Queen” was […]


Pre-Note: I’d highly recommend the upcoming activities of Twin Cities Nonviolent, including Golden Rule and Peacestock.  Details are here.  Those in Twin Cities, specifically note the activity for International Day of Peace on Wed., September 21, 4 p.m.  (The site on Wednesday is proximate to the Longfellow Grill, 2990 W River Pkwy  at Lake Street […]

“All hands on deck”

You won’t see an abundance of words in this post, but behind the links are lots of possibilities for action, especially if you have any interest in Peace and Justice Issues.  An earlier post on the Golden Rule, Sep. 12, is here. Last night (Sep. 15) we were at a great twin cities kickoff for […]

The Golden Rule

The ship is in! The Golden Rule is docked about 10 miles from where I type, in nearby Hudson WI.  I haven’t gone over to see it yet, but will, probably tomorrow.  Golden Rule has a very long history.  It’s story is told, briefly, in a link below. A special event, sponsored by Veterans for […]

The Queen

Pre-note: please take time to review September 6 post here. Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday at age 96.  Only France’s Louis XIV, who became King at age four, had a longer reign. I won’t horn in on others territory – the news will be endless.  The Queen was an individual.  Like all of us, she […]

Election 2022

60 days from this Thursday, at least by my calculation, will be the most consequential American election of my entire life.  Actually, in my state, Minnesota, voting begins Sep 23; best to be registered to vote by Oct. 18.  The Minnesota rules can be seen here.  You can see your sample ballot here. (For other […]

Labor Day

Recent Posts:1) Al Franken: 2) New School Year; 3) Ukraine Visitors; 4) Activism; 5) State Fair; 6) Mikhail Gorbachev, 7) Insecure Yes, there have been several recent posts.  Take your pick.  Many readers are ‘activists’.  Please take a look at the post on activism. On this Labor Day, simply some suggestions about very interesting upcoming events: […]