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“We, the people….”

HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Check back for a specific Thanksgiving post Thursday or later. When I last blogged about politics, Election Day eve, Nov. 8,  I knew nothing, intentionally, about the later results in my community. Nov. 9-13 we were at a family event in New York state.  I don’t connect with the internet at such times, […]

Week Ahead

I will be doing an opinion post on the 2022 election on Tuesday, Nov 22.  If you wish to include a personal commentary, I’d be glad to include it in the blog.  Send as an e-mail response.  (My e-address is in the upper left corner of this blog.) There is a very relevant Human Rights […]


The count begins: Clicking on publish, November 8, 2022, 6 p.m.  About now the first polls are closing and actual counting begins…. This morning I was on my usual walk at the local Sports center.  The usual crowd was gathering, mostly seniors like myself who know each other, like people do at such kinds of gathering […]

24 Hours

For those who need info: Information for a Minnesota voter can be seen here.  National information here.  NBC has a Plan Your Vote site as well. For folks who live in the same community I do: SD 47.  (The link is the local Democrat website.) * This morning (Sunday Nov 6) I was driving in to […]

One Week to Go

Eight days from now we’ll have some idea what we have decided through our own ballots.  We seem to have a fantasy that it is the politicians who make bad decisions.  It is the voters who elect them that make all of the decisions about who will represent them; most especially, those who don’t vote […]

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Tomorrow is the Day of the Dead.  The general story is here. Generally it relates to All Saints and All Souls, with Catholic roots, and Halloween of course, and in a really general sense I would toss into the same kettle, Guy Fawkes Night in England (the video link, about ten minutes, is fascinating), which […]

Two Weeks….

Postnote Oct 26:  Joyce Vance, today.  Note especially the last paragraph and the tweet following. Heather Cox Richardson October 25. Two weeks from today it will all be over, but the counting.  I make no predictions.  There are too many variables that are unknowable, from the veracity of those responding to polls, to kinds of […]

The Union

Pre-note: For anyone interested, the Minnesota Orchestra is live on-line Friday night at 8 p.m. Central at MPR (public radio) and on TPT (public television).  I think both are accessible anywhere.  We were at the concert today, where the announcement was made.  MnOrch is a magnificent orchestra.  Check it out. Sunday night at 9 on […]

Three Weeks from Today

The 2022 Election is three weeks from today.  In the end, either you voted or you didn’t.  Most recently I was struck by data about the Italian election, which was reported to have a low turnout.  I checked, and the Italian “low” turnout was essentially the same as the largest turnout ever for the 2020 […]


The notion for this post came on Sunday, October 9, based on two unrelated occurrences the same day. It was preceded  by a lawn sign down the street, “Jesus Loves You”, planted some time earlier; and by another recent appeal from a nephew in Texas who’s become very active in a most worthwhile charity called […]