#421 – Dick Bernard: "Be SEEN, Be HEARD"

One of my favorite volunteer duties is usher at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis MN. Through the doors of that magnificent place come people at all places in their faith journey, the welcoming and non-judgmental mantra of the Parish.
The Sunday just past I was working at the back (main) entrance to the Church, and I saw a plainly dressed gentleman standing in the back. He was wearing a purplish tee-shirt, on the back of which was written, in easily seen letters:

That powerful mantra got me curious. I moved a little closer, and in smaller letters I saw “NWCT”. That didn’t make any sense.
So I did what I should have done in the first place, and just asked the guy “what group is this?”
He was happy to explain. The shirt was for a twin cities community access cable television station, Northwest Community Television. I’d actually been in that station last October, and I was favorably impressed.
We talked further, and the gentleman said he does a program on that station called “Painting with Dave” (scroll down), and it plays on certain community television stations, particularly in the Twin Cities, and also, for some reason in Connecticut. In the Minneapolis area, the next program is August 27, for 30 minutes.
I’ll see if it plays out here, and check it out.
The moral of this story is very simple: it is hard to make an impact if you are not willing to be seen, and to be heard.
Thanks, Dave, for wearing that shirt!

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