Two Special Events on-line

Two events, available where you are!

Special event Tue. April 6, 2021: Special FairVote Minnesota zoom event, Women Leading Democracy Forward, on April 6th from 5 – 6pm CT.

The event will bring together Professor Danielle Allen – renowned political theorist and Director of Harvard’s Center for Ethics – State Senator Melisa Franzen and State Representative Kelly Morrison for an important discussion about the breakdown of our democratic institutions, how women are playing a key role in strengthening those institutions, and how we can strengthen our system to enable more women to run for public office, win, and lead our democracy forward.


Professor Allen is an acclaimed author on justice, democracy and citizenship and a frequent contributor to the Washington Post and other prominent media outlets. She co-chaired the bipartisan Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship, a project of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, which recommended Ranked Choice Voting as one of the top reforms “to achieve empowerment for all, responsive and effective governance, and a resilient and healthy civic culture.”

In a discussion with leading Minnesota democracy advocates, Assistant Minority Leader Melisa Franzen and Assistant Majority Leader Kelly Morrison, Professor Allen will discuss reforms to strengthen our democracy and make it more inclusive, representative and responsive to all voters.


Global Health Day Wed. April 7, 2021.  Symposium on-line, sponsored by Global Minnesota.

Details here.

Global Minnesota is an outstanding organization with a long history.

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