Three more free days for The World Is My Country

Yesterday ended of the Free Week to preview the film, “The World Is My Country”. There has been a very strong, positive response in my small corner of the internet world. If you missed the show for whatever reason, below, in a note from the producer, is your opportunity: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Feb. 2, 3, 4. Pass the word in your own networks.


“Due to the enthusiastic response to “​The World Is My Country​”​ ​the filmmakers have ​extended the CGS Free Week through Sunday February 4th!

This is the final ​deadline​ so click here. Sign in and then enter the code: CGS2018 is the pass code (Note: “CGS” must be in all capital letters).​

SPECIAL: If you order the DVD FilmFest screening kit or T-shirts etc. ​use the​ ​code CGS​2018 ​- you’ll get a 10% discount — and the filmmakers will send another 10% as a contribution to CGS! Click here.

Survey responses are pouring in:

​”​I cried through the whole thing. I wanted to create this 50 years ago when I was 9 but didn’t know how. My heart is so full.​”​ S.L.

​”​I felt inspired that one person could do so much. He is my new hero.​”​ A.P.

​”​I feel empowered, each time. It is a great film for anyone of any age with an interest in a better world.​”​ C.E.

This is a fabulous opportunity to build support for the goals you’ve always dreamed of. So ​check out the movie!


As for current events, yes, I did watch the State of the Union. More in a later post. Check back, later today.

Have a good weekend. Today the Super Bowl is in my town, Minneapolis. The vast majority of we natives will be as far from downtown Minneapolis as possible. If past is prelude, most of the American world will stop tomorrow evening, glued to the tube. Already, a friend passed along a delicious cookie, part of a batch made for a Super Bowl party Sunday….

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