The United Nations 75th Year

The 75th year of the UN is 2019-2020.

On October 23, at the James J. Hill House on Summit Avenue, is a very special event.  Details here: The Future We Want001.  Make it a point to attend.  Reservations needed.  Best advice: reserve soon.  Space is limited.


RELATED NOTE: You may have already seen a clip of the powerful address by a young student at the UN today.  Here is more from Dennis Dillon:

If you haven’t already heard Greta Thunberg’s entire address to the General Assembly today, here’s the link to it on the UN website:

I’m sure you will very much appreciate listening to her every word (it’s under 5 minutes), and hearing that she pulls absolutely no punches.  Her essential point is ‘shame on you all for taking advantage of the youngest generations and relying on them to have to try to spur us adults into action.’  I’m sure you will be moved by what she has to say.

Taking to heart what she has to say is a first step for us all in trying to practice nonviolence against the violence we are waging on our own planet.  




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