The Gauntlet

Yesterday, Robert Mueller threw down the gauntlet to every single one of us.  In my opinion, his action was very significant, and intended, as is his intention to not testify.  To use another metaphor: “the ball is in our court”….

The Mueller Report sits at arm length from me, here:  (there are many ways to access this full report, redacted.  Simply put the words in your search engine.  I purchased my copy at Barnes and Noble.)

No, I haven’t read it all, nor even much of it.  But what I have read is very, very clear and succinct, and when it comes time to exercise its contents legally, it will all be there, accessible and un-redacted.  It represents a sordid chapter in our history as a country.  Yesterday, Mr. Mueller himself summarized what was already spelled out in detail.  Here’s the 9 1/2 minute verbal report by Robert Mueller himself.

Too many of us have chosen to ‘pass the buck’ on this and many other issues crucial to our Democracy’s very survival.  This extends to the people we freely elect to represent us.

We are the government we  choose to criticize.

My Opinion on this matter?  Robert Mueller and Nancy Pelosi are seasoned and reasoned people, with the requisite abilities to lead and inform.

COMMENTS (more in the “comments” section as well.)

from Jerry:  Thanks, Dick, I AGREE IT’S TIME FOR CONGRESS T ACT ON THE MUELLER REPORT.  It’s sad that public opinion may bar us from justice.  Trump has lots of defenders.

from: Duane: Thanks….. Couldn’t  agree more….


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  1. David Thofern
    David Thofern says:

    OK, Bob Mueller stepped up to the podium and confirmed what everyone already knew. You’re a Trump supporter? “No coverup, No collusion. Case closed.” Not a Trump supporter? “Trump sucks. Impeach! Impeach!”

    To mix metaphors here, what gauntlet are we supposed to pick up and now that the ball is in our court, exactly how are supposed to return it? To me, Trump is an awful, dangerous president who needs to be out of office. But, around 40% of the electorate think he’s doing a fine job. Maybe all those folks are bigots, racists, and other “deplorable,” but I hope not. That would indeed be a sad commentary on our country. Let’s hope that the Democrats can find a way to connect with at lease some of those 40% in a way that Obama was able to while at the same time convincing their mainstream supporters to actually show up and vote.

    • dickbernard
      dickbernard says:

      I sort of like “gauntlet”…What most strikes me is not that 40% of the country supports Trump, but that 60% of the rest cannot get their act together enough to resist. And Trump knows this. On the other hand, running a country with 40% support is not much of a way to run a country, and that is where we are at the moment.

  2. norm hanson
    norm hanson says:

    Mueller made is clear that there is fire under the smoke and that it is up to us and to our elected representatives to proceed further perhaps with impeachment. On the other hand, there does not seem to be any great push from the public for impeachment at the moment and, as such, Speaker Pelosi continues to resist the pressure from her side of the aisle for such an effort preferring instead to push for public policy changes beneficial to the public at large to attract votes in 2020. In addition, there is no interest in the Senate for pushing impeachment because McConnell and others know that it they appeared to criticize Trump in any way yet alone seem to be receptive to a discussion of impeachment would make them extremely vulnerable to a far right Trump supporter challenging them when they next stood for re-election.

    • dickbernard
      dickbernard says:

      The reason I like Pelosi in the drivers seat at this point in history is that she is capable of the necessary leadership when there are all sorts of 100% right ideas about what to do. She strikes me as having a very good head, politically. Of course, whatever she does will be considered wrong by a considerable number of people – that is par for the course when you’re trying to lead. But that’s okay. She is the person I like in that position, and not because I know exactly what she will do, either.


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