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There are a couple of notes at the end of this post.  As I write, the media is reporting that Joe Biden has chosen a running mate, not yet announced.  As I’ve previously noted, I will write about the Democratic presidential nominee and running mate after the Democratic Convention decides on the nominee a few days from now.


Last night we had a family Zoom meeting – there have been several, and as we get accustomed to the process they become valued, I think, by all of us.  Last night there were 9 of us on the call, from San Diego to Rochester NY and places in between.

Of course, the pandemic came up, and testing.

One call member has two elementary school age youngsters; one who could not make the call is a Middle School Principal in a large suburban school.

I’ve posted once about the upcoming school year, and will let that suffice from my perspective.  Here it is.  I would encourage reading Marion Brady’s idea for the new year.  We all have ideas; Marion has a long history of serious thinking about public education.  I am his junior by quite a number of years.  A great friend for long term.  He is one of many gifts I’ve received.

Among many critical issues in this country, the issue of what to do about “school” is currently a central issue everywhere.  Who will do what?  In Minnesota, school normally opens the day after Labor Day, which would be Sep 8; some districts opt differently.  I can’t even tell you definitively what will happen in my own school district – my daughters school is 4 miles away, but she has a great planty on her plate for me to bother her with pointless questions.

Somebody on the call wondered why the teachers union position wss – a logical question to a person like myself whose career was teacher union work.  Best I could muster is that I am sure there are lots of discussions about this issue among all parties.  Almost certainly there are school staff who will resign rather than face the increased risk; and hiring replacement staff will not be easy.  Who would want to be a school bus driver in the current environment!

Let’s leave it a that for the moment.  Look up your own school district if interested in the local perspective.

I certainly wish everyone the very best.


Today is Primary Election Day in Minnesota.  I’ve voted by mail. I decided to take a trip down to south Minneapolis, where the destruction took place in the wake of the George Floyd murder on Memorial Day.

At the corner of Lake (30th) and Chicago, a young person was holding a simple hand-made sign, waving it enthusiastically: “Vote today”

At the site of Floyd’s death, 38th and Chicago, the intersection is still blocked to thru traffic.  There has been news in the paper that the intersection will be reopened, but this is a very delicate issue.  Alternative routes are easy available to everyone.

At the site of “my” restaurant, Gandhi Mahal, the rubble is organized but has not yet been removed.  I saw one sign at the site, which was intriguing:

Site of Gandhi Mahal restaurant in Minneapolis Aug. 11, 2020

A quick search didn’t come up with a clear identity of whomever put up the intriguing sign, painted on fabric inside a circle.  Clues anyone?  I interpret the sign at the place in the most positive and constructive way.

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