POSTNOTES Sep 28, 2020: Going through flotsam here at home, I came across the May 27, 2007, issue of Newsweek which I had kept for some reason.  A dozen pages might be of interest to you.  You can read them here (two separate pdf’s (click to enlarge): Newsweek May 200720200928 and Newsweek May 2007 (2)20200928

The excellent film, “John Lewis: Good Trouble”, will reprise on CNN Saturday evening Oct 3, 10 p.m. ET (9 p.m. CT)

Next week, Oct. 4, Netflix will air David Attenborough’s “A Life on Our Planet

Sep 18-27 was Twin Cities Ten Days of NonViolence.  Many programs were on zoom and were recorded and can be replayed. Here is the link to access them.


Today’s Washington Post on-line reposts the eight editorials by the Post on the upcoming Presidential election.  Here is the link.   We subscribe to the Washington Post, the New York Times (both on-line), and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, all very worthwhile.

Special event on-line Sep 30: Covid-19 and Political Polarization.   Pre-registration required.  Sponsored by FairVote Minnesota, donation requested but optional.

For those in my ‘neck of the woods’ in east metro St. Paul, my local Senate District (Maplewood/Woodbury area) has posted the schedule for a series of Zoom “meet and greet” for local candidates.  Details are here.   The website also has information about getting lawn signs, etc.

I continue to blog.  Most recent posts for Sep. 19, 21 and 26. There will likely be two additional posts between tomorrow and October 1.

I expect my mail-in ballot very shortly, and will fill in and return right away…by regular U.S. mail.  There are at least 34 positions on which I’ll cast a ballot, from local offices to President of the United States.  All positions are important.


from Carol:  As you know, I voted the first day of early voting.  The Secretary of State’s website info said that until the last part of October, the only early voting location in Washington County was at the Government Center in Stillwater (where I went).  However, the Woodbury newsletter we just got indicates the county has opened several other polling places – inc. in Central Park.  I have no idea if the newsletter is incorrect, or if they had more interest than expected?  Last time there was early voting in Central Park, they had a sign out by the street.

I’m surprised you haven’t received your ballot yet.  We got ours several days ago, and my cousin received hers one day after they went out.  You might want to consider voting early in person.  For my friend and me, there were no lines (just a smattering of people), and they were being very careful – even had sanitizing wipes on the table, and the person who took your ballot sealed it with a glue stick so people didn’t have to be pushing their masks aside and licking their envelope…
Don’t know if I said this, but when I went up to the counter with my information sheet, the lady checked the computer, saw that I had requested a mail-in ballot (which hadn’t arrived yet), and said she was doing a process to “spoil” the mail-in one and to just shred it if it showed up.  Of course if you get your ballot in the mail, you can drop it off at any voting site also instead of trusting it to the USPS.
I’m thinking that the earlier we can get those ballots handed in, the better.  There’s mischief afoot…Over 860,000 Americans Have Already Voted, Compared to Fewer Than 10,000 by This Point in 2016 (Newsweek today)
from a long-time friend, responding to another e-mail from me, but not directly pertaining to the election, but nonetheless something in everyone’s election equation: “One of [my friends] came to [our] Friday breakfast and told us her grandson had a fever and she is waiting for the covid test for him. So I feel I have to wait until we hear the test results…so I am staying in.”

from Joe: Lots of folks are voting early in person.

No worries about it being rejected on a technicality.    Faster than mail.    We still haven’t received our ballots yet.
Folks I’ve talked to seem to prefer in person, and this is a great way to spread it out vs election day
Something for folks to consider
Vote Faithfully

from John, ‘on the road’: Just working my way through northern New Mexico and  southern and western Colorado – if lawn signs and banners are any indication  – this is heavy trump country – of course it’s also very sparsely populated…

Interestingly enough, though, virtually everybody I’ve talked to when the subject has even come up is very anti-trump.

from Molly: on Civics Education “…we are seeing the frightening results of this lack…

Yep. I bet lots of us remember “Civics” or “American Government” –required classes in high school….”
ps. this is NOT the same as what DT is calling for–“patriotic” education– aka “propaganda”. More here.
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