Today I was back for 9:30 Mass at Basilica of St. Mary.  It was first time since the Pandemic began.  It was good to be back.  The absence was not due to protest, or such.  Advice – prudent, I feel – from the Church was for older folks to not attend.

Cautions are relaxing a bit as the Pandemic hopefully recedes.  You are still advised to register beforehand; and in the Church to stay mask and maintain social distance.  Every other pew is taped off.  Etc.

I had no expectations today.  Just going to Mass.  I like going to Church.

Today, “Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity”, turned out to be unusual.  It was the first Mass for a newly ordained priest, Fr. Michael Reinhardt, whose road to the Catholic Priesthood was unusual.

Here he is, giving his first sermon.

Fr. Michael Reinhardt

Here he talks about his background, leading to his vocation.  This is an 8-minute or so conversation with Pastor John Bauer.  I found the piece very interesting.

I don’t know where Fr. Reinhardt’s first assignment will be.  I’m guessing his diverse background will serve him, and his congregation, very well.


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