“And who is my neighbor?”

POSTNOTE:  See reference at last portion, here.  This was singularly one of the most powerful presentations I have experienced.


The Gospel on Sunday at Basilica of St. Mary was Luke 10:5-37 (as we saw it, open link below the picture).  “And who is my neighbor?”  Jesus’ response is a direct and confrontive analysis in answer to the question: essence, everyone is our neighbor.

This is a difficult truth particularly for Christians in our country who think that immigrants are inconveniences, not neighbors, not welcome here.

Jesus had no boundaries.

Thursday is an opportunity  to learn more, 6-8 p.m. at Basilica (details below)

PDF of program: When Home….003

Church newsletter descriptor of Program: Basilica Program Jul 19001 “Who is my neighbor?”

Gospel Reading July 14, 2019: Gospel July 14 2019002

There is, obviously, much, much more to say.

We saw an excellent column in the July 5, Minneapolis Star Tribune, whose caption is “Be decent.  Be earnest.  Don’t lose your capacity for shock and sorrow“.  You can read it here: Keeping Focus….001.  I call it “keeping focus”.

Do check out Thursday at Basilica.  I think you’ll find it very worthwhile, in these troubled times.

POSTNOTE:  A good friend of many years recently wrote me, including this statement: “The people who are coming from Mexico were in poverty road & Mexico did nothing to help them – their problem did not start at the US border.”   Just to start a conversation on this particular piece of hopelessly biased news, I sent my friend reputable data about three countries, which you can see here: three countries001 .  The analysis is very, very simple.  The U.S. has less than 5% of the worlds population, and about 25% of the worlds financial wealth; Mexico does not favorably compare with the U.S. in wealth; the refugees seem mostly from Central America and are not “Mexican” at all.  And the countries from which they come are desperately poor, even compared with Mexico, and their poverty in many cases has been aided and abetted by past and indeed present U.S. policy.

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