A Peace of My Mind: Cry Out

I ask you to read this Indiegogo link , and then donate to John Noltner’s project “Peace of My Mind: Cry Out”.  I highly recommend this initiative, which will be open for contributions till early September.  I’d recommend acting early, and letting others know about this through your own networks.

I met John when he sat next to a me at a 2009 meeting of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers,  He was just beginning a venture called A Peace of My Mind, photographing  and interviewing people “exploring the meaning of peace one story at a time.”  His story is within the Indiegogo link.

In 2011 John Noltner published his book, “a peace of my mind” consisting of his photographs and interviews of 52 persons of peace.

Minnesotans would recognize most of those featured in his book, which I have owned since its publication.  People I recognized in the book are as follows: the McDonald Sisters, Flora Tsukyama, Mel Duncan, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Sami Rasouli, David Harris, Kathy Kelly, Marie Braun, Zofar Siddiqui, Melvin Carter, Jr (father of St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter), and Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman.

John expanded the reach of his project nationwide, interviewing and photographing 63 Americans across the country.  His second book was published in 2016.

Both publications have been very successful.

John’s work has expanded into a variety of settings across the country, but Covid-19 has caused him to have to re-vision his continuing program on peace.  This is the reason for his new initiative, which I support very strongly.

The project now proposed by Mr. Noltner, the purpose of this blog, richly deserves your support.

Do read the descriptor (link at the beginning) and then act.

Congratulations, John, on your continuing efforts for peace within and among all of us.




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