A New Year.

Today is the first day of my 80th year.  I could go with the conventional – “79” – but for some reason telling it like it is is more appropriate, at least to me.  Today is also the 5 month anniversary of my heart surgery Dec. 4.  Life is good – not 100% yet, but getting closer.

Today was generally a quiet day.  We spent some time at the marvelous Festival of Nations in St. Paul.  Tomorrow is the final day, and I highly recommend attending if you have time on your hands.  Here is most of the program booklet: Festival of Nations 2019016

Today is also grandson Parkers 17th birthday.  He and I share a birthday.  Below is the first “birthday party” for he and I, when he was just weeks old in 2002.

Dick and Parker, May 18, 2002. Parker’s birthdate May 4, 2002

Yes, I’m 17 years older now, and so is Parker, a strapping Junior in high school.  Lots of life lived in between then and now.  Life is good, even with the bumps in the road.

I close with some thoughts picked up at an exhibit table about Gandhi today.  This two page pamphlet is inspiring and informative: Gandhi 150th015.

Best wishes for a good life.


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