#877 – Dick Bernard: A message to my 401 Friends on Facebook….

This afternoon my young friend, Raz, prodded me into action on getting out a Facebook notice about a special event on Thursday evening, May 1, at the Gandhi Mahal restaurant in south Minneapolis (27th at Lake Street). Here’s the Facebook entry (if you can access Facebook).
This will be a very special event, probably of interest to many, but for an old-timer (as I’m willing to admit being), getting the word out is rather tortuous.
I’m a main organizer of the evening, the main sponsor is GlobalSolutionsMN.org, but it’s been slow going, despite the strength of the program being offered. We’re still mostly pencil and paper folks.
Raz suggested Facebook. Here I am.
There will be five younger speakers on Thursday, from a couple of college juniors to a new PhD in her 30s, talking to us about a very simple topic: “How do you and the young persons you know see global relationships and interdependence at this stage in your life; and what are your hopes for the future of the planet?”
Indeed, they are only five speakers on a planet of over 7 billion people, but other than our own “kids” (which to me means my own children aged 38 to 50) there are few opportunities to listen to someone not ensnared in my own constellation of relationships.
It will be a delightful evening.
Facebook is a stranger to me. E-mail, and blogs, are yesterday to most youngers, I hear. They seem to speak more in short-hand and immediacy. “Let’s get together at 8 tonite”…none of this calendaring months ahead like we old timers.
Facebook should have been, should be, a no-brainer for me.
I opened Facebook and at the time of opening this evening, I had 401 “friends”, who are friends because I accepted their friendship one time or another, but as my family knows, I’m notorious at not being a friend on Facebook. I just don’t use it.
I have 43 photo albums there too. I just haven’t warmed to the great utility of the device.
So, I’ll publish this, and post it on Facebook, and if you happen to live within a reasonable radius of the Gandhi Mahal and are doing nothing else on Thursday night, May 1, drop over for the conversation (about 7:15 to 8:15, free) and, if you wish, the buffet beforehand ($20, RSVP to me, please, dick_bernardATmeDOTcom or 651-334-5744.)
And don’t worry, my 401 friends on Facebook. I won’t begin doing daily posts there.
I like blogging. Stop in once in awhile.
And thanks for the needed jog, Raz.

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