#441 – Dick Bernard: The International Day of Peace; and a Dream for a U.S. Peace Memorial

UPDATE Sep 21: President Obama addressed the United Nations this morning on the issue of Peace. You can watch the entire address here.
Today, September 21, 2011, is the International Day of Peace, and odds are it won’t get a lot of attention in the main stream media.
That’s a shame.
We are a country, indeed a world, oriented to and dominated by war and enmity and death. Google the word “Peace” and there are, it says, 788,000,000 potential sources; but for “War” there are nearly three times as many sources: 2,240,000,000….
It’s just a sad fact.
But peacemakers are not a tiny diminutive bunch without a voice. There is lots of positive action in great numbers of places in diverse and positive ways.
Here are two focus points to help pay attention to this day:
1. One of a great many good sites about the International Day of Peace is Peace One Day. Take a moment to visit and look around the site of this pioneer organization dedicated to Peace One Day. And do something for Peace today. Here’s Google’s list about International Peace Day.
2. As to the Dream of a U.S. Peace Memorial, take a listen to founder Dr. Michael Knox on a Tampa FL Public Radio Station earlier this week. The interview is about an hour, and very interesting.
Make it a priority to listen to the interview today, and while you’re listening, visit the website for the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation here.
I’m honored to have been a Founding member of the Peace Memorial project since 2006. There are, thus far, 17 of we Minnesotans – thirteen individuals and four organizations – who have enrolled as Founding Members in Minnesota ($100 contribution to the cause); 11 – nine individuals and two organizations – who have taken the time to enroll in the Peace Registry*. We’re a small number, thus far, but it’s a start.
I would urge you to become similarly enrolled; and to let others know about this project. This is a project that will take many years to reach fruition, but people like ourselves need to build a foundation, now, to recognize Peace as a national and world priority, in the past, now, and in the future.
(There are many points of view about how to get to ‘yes’ on recognizing Peace. Dr. Knox would attest that he and I have had our own conversations and our own differences about the fine points.)
But I very enthusiastically join Dr.Knox in his commitment to build awareness of and support for a U.S. Peace Memorial.
In the meantime, have a great International Day of Peace today.
* – Founding Members here; U.S. Peace Registry here.

Dr. Michael Knox at Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, October, 2010

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