#438 – Dick Bernard: Some nice news about Haiti

I’m a regular usher at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. It is an enjoyable task, and on occasion I see something unusual, as was the case this morning.
I was walking down the outside aisle on the downtown side of the Basilica, and saw a display case with a piece of sculpture (click to enlarge):

I looked more closely and it was just a couple of five gallon pails. Odd.
Then I looked at the identification of the particular work:

It all made more sense. Kevin McClellan has for many years been engaged in delivering fresh water to the slums of Haiti. It is his mission in life.
I googled Kevin and came up with this link, which has many photos etc.
This sighting reminded me of a special event happening on Friday of this week.
M. Jacqueline Regis, native of Haiti, and long-time corporate attorney, is being sworn in as a Judge in Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District on Friday of this week. The event is Friday, September 23, 3-4 p.m. in the Thrivent Financial Building Auditorium, 625 Fourth Avenue South, Minneapolis. Here’s an earlier news account of her appointment to the Bench.
Soon-to-be Honorable Judge Jacqueline Regis grew up in Haiti. She has written a fascinating book about her growing up experience in Haiti. It is Daughter of L’Arsenal, and I presume remains available here.
Sincere congratulations to both Judge Regis and Kevin McClellan, who individually and together represent the best of our world society.
UPDATE September 24, 2011:
CONGRATULATIONS, Judge Jacqueline Regis

Here’s two photos at the ceremony September 23, 2011 (click on photo to enlarge)

Judge Jacqueline Regis September 23, 2011

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