The World Is My Country, Sunday, Dec. 8, noon

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Each year I see my Uncle Frank Bernard’s death as the USS Arizona explodes.  I have written about him many times at this and other spaces.  He experienced war, up close and very personal.  He and millions of others are witness to the horrors of war.  As the song lyric goes, “When will we ever learn?”


Tomorrow, Sunday, December 8, noon CST, on TPT Life Channel (Minneapolis-St. Paul area), see the one hour edition of this wonderful film.  Here is the TPT link with details.

This film will be shown only one time.  (A week or two ago was a free preview week, since expired.)

The film has much historical significance, including rare archival footage of the enactment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations Dec. 10, 1948, in Paris.

The narrator of the film, Garry Davis, joined the Army Air Force as WWII was in its early stages.  His brother has been killed when his Destroyer is bombed off of Salerno.  The insane incongruity Davis comes to see from killing others to avenge his own brothers death in war, leads him to make a decision to become a Citizen of the World – an adventure in idealism.

I’ve known of this film project since 2011, and immediately became intrigued with the value of the project.  I’ve said often that I asked to show the original rough draft to a group of high school students in St. Paul in November, 2012.  I wanted to see how kids would react to a movie narrated by a 90 year old man, reliving his 20s, during the time during and after World War II.

The student response to a completely unknown product was enthusiastic, and it convinced me that the film would have great value as a teaching tool, to help young people engage in becoming leaders to determine their own future.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, watch the film if you can.  You won’t regret taking the time.


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