The Wall

July 15 I participated in an on-line conversation of a film we had been asked to watch.

The film, The Wall, (2018) is about a homeless encampment in Minneapolis.  It is 87 minutes, free on YouTube, and has been watched over 700,000 times.  The film grabbed me, and held on.  It’s an uncomfortable film, but you’re drawn in to the real people and situations.

There were about a dozen of us in conversation about the film on Zoom on July 15.  The conversation was recorded, and is also available online.

The access point to the film is here.  Watch the film, first.  Set aside the hour and a half, as you’ll want to watch it all.

The on-line conversation with the film producer, Brandon Ferdig, and Noya Woodrich of the city of Minneapolis Department of Health, is available here, the website of Citizens for Global Solutions MN, an organization of which I’ve long been a Board member.

POSTNOTE:  The film and conversation reminded me of a long-ago (1982) powerful talk by Mgsr Jerome Boxleitner of Catholic Charities in the Twin Cities.  He was speaking at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, and apparently lots of us agreed that his thoughts should be shared.  You can read them here: Mgsr Boxleitner May 1982001.  They are brief, and food for thought.

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