My friend Suhail died in Pakistan a few days ago.  He was only 41, consequence of brain cancer.  We only worked together for a couple of months, and there is nothing I can add to what his fellow Pakistani, Ehtasham, wrote as an obituary a short while ago.  My life was immensely enriched knowing these two men, Fulbright scholars at the Human Rights Center of the University of Minnesota Law School.

The results of our labors together in 2014 can be seen here.  Suhail was the photographer.  It was Ehtasham’s project.  I’d specifically recommend the interview with Melvin Giles, if you wish to view only one.

Suhail is at Peace.


Here is the link to Ehtasham’s obituary for his friend and colleague Suhail, presented exactly as I received it: Ehtasham Anwar- Suhail Apr 2, 2020.  (Click on the image to enlarge it).

As I write, I remember a long ago funeral I attended, honoring a teacher who had died at a young age, and was a very active contributor to his students and community.  The minister offered his eulogy, in part this memorable tribute.  “He lived before he died, he died before he was finished.”  If we all can be the same.


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