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Most every time my spouse goes to an evening meeting or get-together I tell her I’ll be dining out at a four-star restaurant.   Usually, my trip is to left-overs, or on occasion the neighborhood McDonalds, for a hamburger and small fries….  My “threat” is always an idle one.

This has taken on a far more serious tone in recent weeks.  Since grandson Bennie had the accident,  his parents, and on occasion some other family members, have been guests of the Ronald McDonald House which is part of the hospital in which Bennie is a patient.  It has been a godsend for them in the past six weeks, as it has doubtless been for thousands of others since the idea took root in 1974.

Of course, on every trip to McDonald’s you’ll see a discreet invitation to leave some change for the Ronald McDonald House.

But it was an abstract idea for me until I saw it in action.

About a week ago I dropped into the local McD’s for the usual, and saw the above sign on the door.  I came back later with a case of water and a check – not a huge one, but more than a little….

In the endless bombardment of awful we are subjected to every day, the Ronald McDonald House is a reminder of the great reservoir of goodness that surrounds all of us, ready to help when we least expect it.

Below is a discreet photo of Bennie and his parents less than two weeks before all of their lives changed in an instant.  I’m glad I took the photo.

Have a great, gentle, day today.

Thank you, McDonald’s, for a great idea.

May 13, 2018. Mother’s Day. Bennie and family in foreground.


from Kathy: Good morning, Dick. I am proud to say my Dad was a founding board member of the RMH and my sister Jane a more recent active Board member. They both were McDonald restaurant  owners in St Paul area.  The home has provided TLC to so many children’s families.

from Bonnie: I’ve been following Bennie’s journey on Caringbridge and pray for him everyday and as he comes to mind.  What a arduous journey for him and for his parents and for all of you—well, for all of you who love him.  I’m glad there is one ray of light in this journey.

from Joni: RMH was a godsend when we found ourselves out of state with Parker in IU-Purdue several years ago.  A very worthy organization indeed.

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  1. Sharon Miller
    Sharon Miller says:

    We have been thinking and praying for your grandson and family. We also had the opportunity to stay at the Ronald McDonald House at Mayo for 3 weeks when our daughter was sick many years ago. It was a safe haven in a stormy sea. We found support, a comfortable bed, privacy, diversion from the hospital and many volunteers providing time with therapy dogs, craft classes, meals, etc. We will make a donation in Bennie’s honor. Hang in there.

    • dickbernard
      dickbernard says:

      Thank you, Sharon. Note also the comment from Kathy which I just added. You just never know, do you…?

  2. Frank Bernard
    Frank Bernard says:

    Nancy’s niece is the volunteer coordinator at our local Ronald McDonald House here in Salt Lake City. It is a godsend for families and an easy charity to support for people across the spectrum.

  3. Deb
    Deb says:

    Another fine photo captured with a great celebration! Good thing you almost always bring your camera along! Yes, we are all thankful for the McDonald’s continuous contributions to the community. We are all praying and hoping for a full recovery for Ben. We have heard many of the same incidents that have happened to Ben with all positive outcomes lately, and we are confident Ben will continue to be strong and the attending physicians, nurses & staff are working to make that happen!


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