“Off to see the Wizard….”

Shortly, the made-for-tv crime show, “The Impeachment of the President of the United States”.

It is a deadly serious event, with consequences for the remainder of American history.  At the same time I’m sort of preparing for a spectacle like “The Apprentice” or, more likely, “The Wizard of Oz”, featuring among others, Dorothy, the Wicked Witches, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and, yes, the Wizard himself in the grand finale.

We’ve all seen “The Wizard of Oz”.  Nowadays I’m sure there are some great analyses on-line about the author and his intent about his story, the little girl, the actors and actresses who played them in the movie, and the tornado in Kansas.

I’m writing these few lines before the big show begins.  Here is the ‘file” from the last few days.  The evidence has been developing over a period of more than four years.  This trial is deadly serious, with implications far belong its short term.

All comments, and I encourage them, will be added here.

Mementoes of my single visit to the U.S. Senate in about 1985 as a guest of a Senate staff member.

The Senate Impeachment trial opens Feb. 9, 2021.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, presiding at the Trial in the Senate, first day.

9 p.m. Feb. 9: First day related specifically to the Constitutionality issue of impeachment hearing for Trump after he left office.  Vote was 56-44 that issue was appropriate.

The proceedings seem quite similar to legal, but are really political, under Senate rules, and procedures under the U.S. Constitution.  I am quite familiar with how Law and its interpretation works, from direct experience.  Most persons have little direct experience above routine things, like traffic tickets, or Wills or such.

Before today, I telegraphed my opinion of the matter at issue in brief pieces of writing to persons close to me:

  1. I wrote a letter to my children, who range in age from 45-56.  My brief letter, dated February 6, probably arrived at their homes today, and has this relevant content:   “I think these past 2 ½ months are a wake-up call time for everyone.  We are in a lose-lose cycle where there will be no winners – a country divided against itself cannot stand, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln. You all and your kids will reap the benefits or pay the price of bad decisions now. It’s too easy to get isolated and think that one point of view can prevail.  It is not true.
  2. Replying to a comment by my sister at my blog for Feb. 6, I said this: “My contention is that the purpose of the trial is the need to establish a record for the history of our country, however much time we have left for this experiment in democracy. “The character” [Trump] has indeed been impeached twice. In the legal system that would be an indictment, and indictments are much more than mere accusations. Of course the judge and jury [U.S. Senators] are likely to not rule based on the evidence, but based on other things. We shall see.  “The character” and his followers will make history, and not in a way that they likely would prefer.”
  3. To a friend of many years on Jan. 30, a person who is high on Trump: “Trump will easily win the prize for the worst president in U.S. history – to that extent he will be a ‘winner’, which is all that matters to him.”  And on Feb.1:
    “Re the supposed lies, I can’t respond to non-information.
    Anyone who’s ever negotiated for most anything, such as buying a car, knows that the “bottom line” is not what the “bottom line” is said to be, on either side. Everybody “lies” to some extent.  But there are limits, and the parties know what they are, for instance with peace treaties, and on and on.
    Trump took this to an entirely new depth.  He lied about everything, all the time.  That will be the entry in the history books about him.  He was in a league of his own.”  It took me a long time to get to being this direct about what is probably the most critical issue of all.  There is nothing that Trump said that could be believed…even if he sounded believable.  He was a true pathological liar.  The truth, to him, was whatever he said it was.  We didn’t need a role model like him.  Finally, months ago, to the same friend, I pointed out that Trump had set up the opposing half of America up as enemies, dividing our country as certainly as it was divided in the Civil War.  It will be most difficult to recover from that.  I will find the exact quote as I wrote it then, and will add it here when I find it.

I plan to watch as much of the proceedings as possible.  Everyone in the country will have exactly the same opportunities as I.

Other posts will follow in coming days.  Check back, and comment if you wish.

POSTNOTE, Feb. 10: overnight, from Just Above Sunset, “Day One Won”.

Feb. 11: Just Above Sunset, “The New Specifics”.

Briefly, re the Feb. 10 trial, which I watched almost in its entirety in the afternoon.  On display was demonstration of an essential difference between the Republican and Democrat parties at this time in history.  Recently, I had written another friend who had asked to be taken off this blog list.  Certainly I have no problem doing that, for anyone at any time.  I did write him, a personal letter, friend to friend (I’ve known him for many years).  The essential difference between the two parties, I said, is that the Democrats generally are inclusive; the Republicans exclusive.   This was on display yesterday in the House Managers on the Senate floor, who fully reflected the diversity of America.  While the mob attacking the Capitol was by and large outraged white men and women.  We have a great deal to learn.  That series of racism I’ve touted here on several occasions over the months, which I first saw in person a year ago this month, is still available, free, on-line here.  Scroll down to “Becoming Human” for details.  There are six one hour talks.

Feb. 12: Just Above Sunset, “Useless Clear Evidence”

Feb. 13: Heather Cox Richardson, “Letters from an American”

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