March 4

  1. For the first 140+ years of the United States the inauguration of the President of the United States was March 4.  In 1933, the date was changed to January 20.  I really had no knowledge of this until the current chaos.  It’s just another learning opportunity.  If you wish to learn more, here’s an article from the Library of Congress.  The inauguration of Abraham Lincoln is briefly discussed in this article.  It occurred on March 4, 1861.  As noted in the continuing series on Lincoln (CNN, Sunday night, 9 Central time) Lincoln died by assassination a short time after inauguration for his second term as president.
  2. Those who regularly visit this site know that I appreciate and respect and very often refer to the frequent blogs at Just Above Sunset.  The two most recent are especially worth your time: Freeing the Vote and Purist Madness.  [Postnote Mar. 5: also Potato Head Politics.]
  3. March 6, Saturday, is my personal one year anniversary of recognizing that Covid-19 was a threat.  I’ll post about my reflections on Saturday.  All previous posts for any month are easily accessed via the archive tab at right.

POSTNOTE:  Coincident with the publication of this blog came an e-mail from Jeff, which I find very interesting.  Jeff: Bruce Bartlett (@BruceBartlett) tweeted at 7:51 AM on Thu, Mar 04, 2021:
Philosophers and public intellectuals have ignored the study of epistemology (the study of knowledge itself; how to tell the difference between fact and opinion etc.) for too long.  More here.  (I also have this article in pdf form – the second page is the last page of the article: Michael Patrick Lynch Boston Review and Michael Patrick Lynch Boston Review (2)

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