Lowell Erdahl

Rev. Lowell Erdahl died Dec. 14 at age 90.  He was very well known in Minnesota.  Details were in the Dec. 19 Minneapolis Star Tribune, which can be read here: Lowell Erdahl obituary Dec 19 2021.

Lowell Erdahl, with his twin brother, Arlen, at a Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers event Nov. 15, 2009.

My particular connection to Rev. Erdahl was in the area of peace and justice.  As his obituary states, “throughout his life he was an advocate, champion and leader for peace and justice.”  He “walked the talk”.  Lowell joins a long list of peace and justice leaders who passed on in recent years.  Their legacy is now the responsibility of those of us for whom they were mentors.

Those active in the movement for peace and justice will likely recognize the names of some of Lowells colleagues who have passed on.  These are leaders I came to know personally.  My apologies for any inadvertent oversights of others who I missed.

It’s our turn, and our children generation, to carry on.

R.I.P. in the last 20 years :   Lowell Erdahl, Hank and Dotty Garwick, Joe Schwartzberg, Lynn Elling, Leslie Reindl, Mary Rose Goetz, Mary Lou Nelson, Mary White, Don Irish, Lyle Christianson, Veryln Smith, Wayne Wittman, Bob Heberle, John Braun, Tom Atchison.

Your additions to this list are solicited.

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  1. Melvin Giles
    Melvin Giles says:

    R.I.P, Rev. Lowell!!!!!. Condolences and prayers to Carol and the Erdahl family. Lowell was a bright star for peace and justice; and a champion and ally for dismantling structural racism. Indeed, he walked his talk with the power of love!!!! Peace, Gratefulness, & Sympathy….

  2. Judy Helgen
    Judy Helgen says:

    Thanks, Dick. Lowell and my dear late husband Verlyn Smith were friends and kindred spirits. Yesterday I put a photo of the two of them with the obituary by the door to my condo. Thanks to all the peacemakers. Judy Helgen


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