Tonight, October 19, Vets for Peace, 21st Peacestock, on Zoom.  Details here.

Fresh Energy is a recognized leader in climate change, and J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director, goes to CAP 26 in Glasgow.  She has a zoom session on October 20.  Pre-registration required.  Details here.

Global Solutions MN has two interesting sessions, details for both sessions here.  October 21 Third Thursday movie discussion, featured speaker Kenneth Feinberg, the person subject of the film Worth,  watching the film before the talk is important.  It is available on Netflix; October 26, Forum on Immigration.  Details at the website, brief.  Registration requested.

World Without Genocide has a program on Afghanistan Genocide on October 24.  Details here.

Global Minnesota has interesting programs on Cybersecurity and Sustainability Oct 25 and 28, here.

United Nations Association MN has an on-line program on October 28, United Nations Day.  Details here.

All of these programs are available remotely.  I admit I miss occasional in-person meetings, but we certainly wouldn’t have the menu of choices available here.




Special addition: Yesterday I initiated my third campaign for small donations to TPT in St. Paul.  The intent is simple: to bundle small donations of $10 or more payable to TPT to be delivered about Nov. 15.  Details in a one page letter here. TPT #2 2021.  Make check  to TPT, send to Dick Bernard no later than Nov. 15.  

(If you don’t know “TPT”, it’s the Minnesota affiliate of Public Broadcasting.  I’ve been impressed with PBS over the years.)





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  1. Lois Young
    Lois Young says:

    Dick – just want you to know that I appreciate your on-going posts which cover a variety of subjects. The more information and opinions we have, the better it is to discuss and hopefully, decisions on the best action are made. I agree the public TV is of value – a welcome relief from news, sports and weather especially when programs are of our history, people and events that helped shape America. Just wish we would see more programs on the accomplishments of people instead of the negative news. Thank you!


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