Today, we leave for the annual week up north; the internet stays behind.

I leave, for reflection, the below photo of an 8×10″ poster recently found in her home closet by Barbara, an active activist I’ve known for years.  (The words, “active activist”,  are intentional.  Barbara always “walks the talk”.)

This memento, by Robert Mulder, was “handed out to dignitaries” at the 90th birthday of the “last living signer of the United Nations Charter” in 1997.  (quotes are from Barbara’s note on the back of the memento.)

Mr. Mulder died in 2013; the “last living signer” died March 4, 2001.

How do each of us, as individuals, keep “hope” alive for everyone and everything on this planet of ours on this 28th day of July in 2018?  And on all days to follow…?

The future is up to each and every single one of us.  Period.

Anything else I might say is superfluous.


from a long-time friend: I am currently hopeful that our Democracy will survive.  That hope is anchored in the field of young women that are striving to enter the field of politics.  If the Dems can take over the House, that will put some checks on the horrible Trump administration.  In the international arena, much good has come as a result of the United Nations, but the existence of the security council and its powers has been problematic.  Our veto power has protected us from our Vietnam war crimes and the continuing war crimes by Israel.  We need to revise the UN Charter.

from Ron:  [We]need to find a way to get more people, especially young people, involved in our mission.  There seems to be a reaction building to Trump and his overly nationalistic view of the world.  People seem to be able to think better and stronger about what they don’t like than about what is good in the long run.  Hope is needed, but also clear thinking and acting in accord with that thinking.


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