At this space, in my October 2 post, I said this: “It is my intention to take a vacation from this space for at least the next month (through the election)”.  As I began  this post (October 7), I was already finding this a difficult task.  There were 11 posts then to now.  I let you know about three.  No apologies.

What I decided to do was simply copy the main front page headlines from my morning paper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, for each day of the past month.  It’s as close to Twitter I will ever come.  On occasions, there are secondary headlines from the same page, if directly related to the main head.

PRE-NOTE: We have subscribed to the “STrib” for many years.  Headlines and their placement, of course, reflect the newspapers assessment of the important news of the day, and reflect the general editorial slant of the publisher.  I think the Strib would currently assess itself as moderate right, traditional conservative Republican.  Most of its endorsements for national office this round have been for Democrats, including for President.

Here they are.

Thu Oct 1: “Trump’s new foe – the election”


Oct 2 came this e-mail, in relevant part:

“I was visiting with one of my teen [friends who] WAS an ardent Trump supporter.  She commented that this “testing positive for the virus” may all be a farce so that Trump can drop out of the remaining debates after his horrible showing.” 
[Nov. 2: I still struggle with the lack of verifiable evidence of Trump’s disease and treatment.  As I understand it, in addition to the usual privacy of medical records, there is the matter of Non-disclosure agreements which may be in effect.  At any rate, we will probably never know the real story.]


Sun Oct 4: “Crucial 48 hours for Trump”

Mon Oct 5: “Mixed messages on Trump”

Tue Oct 6: “Return downplays peril”. “Hospital cuts close COVID facility.”

This date an e-mail from our friend Annelee in rural Minnesota.  Annelee just turned 94, and grew up and until age 20 lived in Adolf Hitler’s Germany.   Her e-mail contents are the post you can find here.

Wed Oct 7: “Trump tries to regain ground”.  “Rate of COVID-19 unknowns reach new high.”

Thu Oct 8: “Wisconsin clamping down” [Covid-19]; “Stark differences on pandemic” [Harris-Pence debate]

In the Harris-Pence debate, which I watched, I most noted Pence’s assertion and false equivalence with Obama’s alleged inaction on the Swine Flu virus in 2009.  Here is how the Center for Disease Control reports on it.  This flu originated in the U.S., three months after  Obama became President and did affect huge numbers of people – over 60,000,000 – with about 12,000 deaths (over 220,000 deaths and over 8 million cases from Covid-19 so far).  Here are the worldwide statistics on Covid-19.

Fri Oct 9: “Trump calls for arrest of his foes.  He identifies Obama, Biden and others.”  “Militia kidnap plot targeted MI governor.”  [The arrest of white nationalists in Michigan yesterday reminds me of an article I saw and saved from the Sep 25, 2000, USNews and World Report.  You can read it here (2 pages): USNews 9-25-2000001]

Sat Oct 10: “Alarm over plan for poll ‘guards'”

Sun Oct 11: Covid-19 “Case record fuels worry statewide”

Mon Oct 12: “GOP races to confirm high court pick”

Tue Oct 13: “[Supreme Court nominee] Barrett vows fairness; Dems zero in on ACA [Affordable Care Act]” “2nd COVID peak hits hard, wide.”

Wed Oct 14: “[Amy Coney] Barrett elusive on ACA, Roe, election” [Affordable Care Act. Roe: Women’s right to choose.]

Thu Oct 15, above the fold: “Daily [Covid-19] deaths return to June peak”.  “[Supreme Court nominee] Barrett defers on presidential powers”.   “Virus resurgence sends shudders across Europe.” “Marking birthday [George] Floyd never had.”

Fri Oct 16: “Jobless rate falls as many stop looking.”  “Schools feeling surge in COVID-19.”

Sat Oct 17: “State [Minnesota] virus cases up 50% in week”.  Election-Day Fervor, Every Day”

This evening we watched Rick Steves Fascism in Europe on public television, about Germany, Italy and Spain.  Yes, it can happen here and in some ways eerily reminiscent of the tactics used by Hitler, Mussolini and Franco in the 1930s.  We, the people, need to be complicit for autocracy and fascism to succeed even in the short term.

Thursday I watched the outstanding documentary “Prosecuting Evil, The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz”.  Mr. Ferencz prosecuted war criminals at Nurnberg after the German surrender in 1945.  The film is easily available and worth watching.

Sun Oct 18: “Trend in [Covid-19] cases signals ‘dark days’ “

Mon Oct 19: “So long, old friend” [about the death of legendary twin cities sports reporter, Sid Hartman]

Tue Oct 20: “Minn. case growth outpaces testing” [Covid-19]

Wed Oct 21: “Justice Dept. offers training to MPD” [Minneapolis Police Department]

Thu Oct 22: “New [Covid-19] virus deaths tie 1-day record.”  “Officials out to foil poll “armies”.”

Fri Oct 23: Final Presidential Debate “Final arguments on virus, race, jobs”.  “Four officers in [George] Floyd case will go to trial.”

Sat Oct 24: “Boogaloo linked to 3rd Precinct assault.”  “Masks could easily save 100,000 lives.”  “Early turnout shatters records.”

Sun Oct 25: “IN GRIEF, A PLEA TO THE POLICE.”  “Workers return warily to the office.”  “Weekly virus toll is highest in months.”

Mon Oct 26: “COVID, heart attacks a deadly combo”. “As his aides test positive, Pence is going to Hibbing”. “National discourse on race is echoing in presidential election”

Tue Oct 27: “Barrett sworn in [for Supreme Court] amid lingering bitterness.” “[Gov.] Walz says next weeks critical in COVID-19 stand”

Wed Oct 28: “Schools improvise as virus spreads.”  “[Gov] Walz: Every option on table for deficit.”

Thu Oct 29: “Another wave of shutdowns.”  “Minnesotans urged to take care for vote, Halloween.”  “Teachers buckling under pandemic workload.”

Fri Oct 30: “Court puts late ballots on hold.”  “Record day for COVID numbers.”

Sat Oct 31: “As clock ticks down, rhetoric ramps up.”  “Record 738 virus cases in hospitals.”  “Already cast vote [in MN]: 1.6M and counting.”

Sun Nov 1: All the front page headlines: “Tested like never before.”  “Runaway October for state [COVID-19] infections.”  “At a crossroads, U.S. is choosing its future.” “‘COVID Paradox’: Jobs, no workers.”  “N. Dakota sounds late virus alarm.”

Mon Nov 2:Parties scour state for last-minute votes.”  “Hormone Boost Could be Covid-19 Key.”  “Don’t expect a winner on Nov. 3.”  “Senate control takes cue from top.”

Tue Nov 3: “A rush to finish early voting.” “DOJ to monitor in Mpls. for first time since 2004.” “Trump stokes more fear of fraud.”

Wed Nov 4: “BALLOT OVERTIME.”  “3 key heartland states still counting.”  “Biden takes Minnesota; Smith retains her Senate seat.”  

I personally was amazed that voting turned out to be very orderly and even quiet on Election Day.  No reports of problems. A couple of drive-by’s seemed to indicate that there were no significant lines on Election Day.

Thu Nov 5: missing

Fri Nov 6: “DECISION DAY” “Last states set to complete counts”.  Biden closes on victory; Trump baselessly attacks result.”

Sat Nov 7: “DOING THE MATH.”   “Biden lead grows,, but race not called.”  “Trump’s bids to overturn results in court fall flat so far.”

Sun Nov 8: “BIDEN WINS.”  “Harris makes history as Vice President.”  “‘This is the time to heal, ‘ president-elect tells nation.”

Mon Nov 9: “Health Workers Told: cut Quarantine short.”  “Biden starts his transition as virus rages.”

Tue Nov 19: “Walz plans focused virus rules.” “Vaccine trial shows early sign of promise.”  “Restrictions to target top sources of spread.”

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