Grandma’s Bible : A Christmas Reading

Friday is Christmas Day, as celebrated in the Christian tradition.

I note that the Gospel for Christmas this year is Luke 2:1-14.  Following is the 2020 Christmas text and pictures from Grandma’s very well worn Bible (1911).

This is a good time for each of us to reflect on where we fit in this picture.  I’m sure the other religious traditions of our world have similar lessons and basic beliefs.

(About two-thirds of Americans are “Christian” in one way or another; About one-third of the planet is “Christian”.  The percentage is declining.)

As the Gospel recounts, Mary and Joseph and many others made a road trip of about 100 miles at that time.  Google map of the trip as it would be in the present day: here. One can only imagine what it was like over 2000 years ago

In that same Bible are many period photographs of Palestine in the early 1900s.  Here are photos of Nazareth and of Bethlehem as they were in the early 1900s.

From the same Bible is the text that speaks most to me this Christmas.  I heard this recited most powerfully at the Mt. of Beatitudes in  Israel, Jan.8, 1996.  It is worth reading and reflecting on the entirety of Chapter 5.

And from the same Bible, here is the remainder of Chapter 5: Matt Ch 5 – 11 to end (click to enlarge – one page)

All best wishes at Christmas, 2020.

Some manger scenes as depicted in Christmas cards at the Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal ca 1992: Christmas cards Oratory St Joseph Montreal

COMMENTS (see also end of post)

from Molly: 3 pages, pdf: Molly 2020 Winter Solstice(click to enlarge the pdf)

from Mark: Fantastic post – thank you

from Christina: Thank you, Dick – and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

from Mary: I read this prior to going to church today.  Thank you! Merry Christmas

from Jermitt: Wonderful text with the pictures.  Interesting that she had these pictures in her bible.

Response to Jermitt from Dick: There are 28 of these pictures in Grandma’s Bible.  I will hopefully have all 28 in pdf format by Christmas.

from Laura: Thanks, Dick. A blessed Christmas to you, my friend.

from Lynn: Thanks…

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  1. Steve Sandell
    Steve Sandell says:

    Thank you, Dick. The traditions of the season are a precious reminder of the possibilities of peace and tolerance. Loved the manuscript pages from Luke. S.Sandell

  2. Lydia Howell
    Lydia Howell says:

    Thank you, Dick! The photos were as of interest as the telling of The Christmas Story—the Beatitudes were REALLY an important reminder. Wishing you a lovely holiday & high hopes for the New Year! TUNE IN FRI. DEC. 25, 1PM “Catalyst” on KFAI 90.3FM HD annual Christmas edition, including excerpt from “ALL IS CALM” play of THE CHRISTMAS TRUCE OF 1914 & other special moments for the day. ONLINE after broadcast n CATALYST by ON DEMAND at kfai (dot) org

  3. norman hanson
    norman hanson says:

    Thanks, Dick, for the reminder of what the season is all about! I will miss going to the midnight 10 p.m. service at my local church tomorrow night thanks to COVID-19 but… Happy holidays to all!


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