This week came a mailer from the Internationally recognized Minnesota Orchestra, announcing a collaboration with Minnesota’s TPT (public television) and Classical MPR (public radio). Here’s the details Minnesota Orchestra (click image to enlarge).  Note especially page three.  The brochure does announce that “all artists, dates and programs are subject to change”, recognizing our shared current reality.  But the reasonable outcome will be that the six shows will go on, brought to your home over the next three months.

We last attended an Orchestra concert on March 5, which I think was their last live concert.  We are long-time subscribers, and however this series plays out, it will be worth your time, wherever you can access it by computer, radio or television.  The links: Minnesota Orchestra; TPT (public TV MN Channel); Classical MPR (Public Radio).

Sure, there’ll be a pitch to donate.  Yes.  This is a series that will lift spirits.  We are all the lucky ones.  THANK YOU, Mn Orch, MPR and TPT.


There is plenty of ongoing news.

Wednesday, FairVote Minnesota held an on-line conversation, COVID-19 & Political Polarization, featuring Dr. Michael Osterholm, and Andy Slavitt, and Minnesota Representative Dr. Kelly Morrison.  Over 300 people tuned in.  The full recording of the gathering (about an hour) can be seen here.

John Lewis: Good Trouble” will air again on CNN, Saturday evening, Oct 3.  We watched the first showing.  It is excellent.

Sunday, Oct 4 on Netflix, “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet“.   A must-see, in my estimation.

A group of us plan to view the film: “Prosecuting Evil: the Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz” during this month.  Of course, ours will not be a gathering – we’ll watch the film on our own schedules in our own homes.  Join us.  (Ferencz was the young attorney central to the Nuremberg Trials after WWII.)

Sep 18-27, the virtual on-line Twin City Nonviolent annual event was held.  I think the talks during the event will soon be available on-line.


Last month was busy one at this blog space.  The archive is here.

It is my intention to take a vacation from this space for at least the next month (through the election).

I remain actively engaged.  I hope you will be, too.  My personal position on the presidential election is found here.

POSTNOTE:  The contents of this blog were largely completed before the breaking news of the Trumps and Covid-19 diagnosis became news.

I have no editorial comment on this, other than to note that I try to take this disease very seriously.  I have commented frequently over the past months on Covid-19.


TV Screen shot Friday about 5:20 CST Oct 2.



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  1. norman hanson
    norman hanson says:

    As for Trump and his new personal familiarity with COVID-19, there is no I told you so although that could so easily be offered and has been by so many, many already. No, it is only with sadness that I acknowledge that the leader of such a great country who has poopooed the seriousness of the pandemic; criticized the recommendations of the experts at the CDC; has publicly made fun of his fellow citizens who have subscribed to the CDC recommendations; has put his supporters and others at risk for letting them think that the pandemic was just a hoax and fake news generated by those dad burned Democrats still upset over the 2016 election results; and (fill-in-the blanks). He is the President and the CIC and yet in making everything about him and nothing more and nothing less than that, Trump has made the US the world leader in COVID-19 cases as well as in the number of deaths. As an American and a proud veteran, that kind of “leadership” by my president makes me very sad!

  2. greg usher
    greg usher says:

    First, I do wish POTUS, FLOTUS and all others infected a speedy an complete recovery.
    That said, I must express strong skepticism that POTUS is in fact infected. He may well be so infected. Point is that he has so consistently lied since his first campaign for office that I need corroboration form competent medical authority that POTUS is infected with COVID-19. So sad to have to say this.


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