Five Minutes, please

Take five minutes to take a look at the calendar of upcoming events on the Citizens for Global Solutions calendar.   Just scroll down to “Featured Events” for full descriptions.  All are available at home, probably wherever you live, between today and May 23.  One of the featured events is the 2021 Mpls-St. Paul Film Festival.  The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a long column about the Festival in the Saturday edition, here.

Another event, NATO’s Climate Challenge, comes through Global Minnesota and is described here.

Most of these events request or require pre-registration.  Most are on-line.


How about making a personal commitment to participate in at least one of these activities; and sharing this post with at least one other person who might be interested.


I have had one additional post this week, entitled Palestine-Israel.  This will likely be amended by addition later.

There may be two subsequent posts, probably on Saturday and Sunday.

You can get notice of all posts simply by a click on the box at the end of this or any post of mine.

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