Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day.  I also want to recognize and acknowledge Pride Month, which has been the month of June; and Juneteenth, observed today, with a national holiday celebrated many places tomorrow.  Check the internet for more details.

I decided, this morning, to take a look at my trusty, unabridged, 1979 Webster’s for a definition of Father.

Here is the entire page: Father defined.  Below is the first (by no means only)  definition on the page:

Doubtless, the most recent dictionary would reveal changes; doubtless, also, there are numerous definitions for other similar categories for all of us who make up the human race.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone, regardless….

Personally, I have 58 years experience as a biological father.  I would not single myself out as unique, if I simply said the road of fatherhood is not always straight, smooth, sunshiny.  It’s not predictable.  Ditto for everyone else.

Today has been a good day, I hope as well for you.

Check out your own dictionary,  on Father and other related words, and give some thoughts to how you fit into the picture.

All very best wishes today and always.


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