Buffalo et al

There is nothing much to add to the two posts in my in-box today relating to the latest killing spree  in Buffalo.

Heather Cox Richardson,  May 15: here.

The Weekly Sift: White replacement is MAGA’s unified field theory.

A totally different slant, which I don’t think was coincidental programming, was  last nights 60 Minutes presentations,  one about the Virginia Plantation;  and the other about Bellingcat.


I hesitate to overload on the blog front, but these are times to not only reflect, but to get in action, as individuals, wherever we live.   I am one, so are you.  Each of us are the proverbial grains of sand, for good or ill.

Maybe I’ll see you tonight at the St. Anthony Main theater, Minneapolis, 7:15 for the inspirational film about Desmond Tutu and Dalai Lama, Mission Joy: Finding Hope in Troubled Times.  Details here.   It can also be seen on-line till May 19.

There have been a few comments to the previous blog about Ukraine.  Comments are invited, always.

Check back every now and then for new posts.  Usually these are one or two a week, and they are potluck – about whatever happens to speak to me on any particular day.  The next couple will probably be entitled 50, and Communication, and for sure politics will enter the menu as well.

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