Brown vs Board of Education

My brother, John, is enjoying retirement years by doing a lot of biking, and his most recent jaunt, with a friend, has been along the route of the Oregon Trail.

Around my birthday, he sent a message with photo, as follows:

“Currently leaving Topeka Kansas – decided to take an extra day here because of likely heavy weather yesterday – turned out to be true. Lots and lots of rolling Hills – a little bit of a little bit of down but  biking is going fine.

Took advantage of the time to rent a car to go over to the Eisenhower boyhood home and museum in Abilene and swing back ..By the Brown versus Board of Education historic site – really a converted elementary school that was the center of the lawsuit to “end” segregation – the legal kind, and in one form.”

Topeka KS May, 2023, the Museum to Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka KS.

National Park Service summary of “The Five Lawsuits” .

Simply search “The Five Lawsuits” and you will find a number of useful sources of more information about each.  I won’t make a specific recommendation.

Thanks, John, for the tip.

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