“Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can also make you commit atrocities.”  Voltaire

Several times I have seen the above teaser for an upcoming special about Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, in which he quotes Voltaire.  These days, when truth and fiction intentionally  are blended into whole cloth, skepticism is warranted.  So, while I have great respect for Raskin, I’m inclined to look for validation/refutation of most anything.  Thus  an analysis  from the Cato Institute (link at the beginning of this post).

(The translation is reasonable, says the analysis.)

We are in truly dangerous times, where those infamous “alternative facts” (Kelly Ann Conway) are substituted for reality…and we choose to believe them.  We risk becoming a nation of fools.

My friend, Joyce, has been very helpful over the years, discovering sources which reliably cut through the fog of gas-lighting.

For a long while, Just Above Sunset was a reliable go-to about varied opinions on national events.  Alan, a retiree in LA, had been doing yeoman work since 2003, almost daily.  In December, he retired from his retirement avocation, moving to occasional photo essays in his home area.  I have Joyce to thank for his many years of free analysis.

We’re a big country, and there are other experts out there, and this morning came two of these, forwarded also from Joyce, which shine light on the recent Covid-19 decision by the Supreme Court (which is besmirching its reputation by the day), and another about the current debate on Voting Rights in the United States of America, under active debate.

The Supremes versus Covid-19, from the blog ‘The Weekly Sift’, January 17.

Voting Rights, from Heather Cox Richardson, January 16.

Don’t count on me.  Subscribe to these services and let others know.  There is truth out there….

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