#869 – Dick Bernard: The Robin

Today, I happened across a Robin, busily scouting out a lawn along my walking route. Doubtless there have been other Robins around, though not many.
A robin, though, is a sure sign of spring for me. And this was the first one of 2014.
For some reason, this Robin brought to mind the first Robin I remember seeing. It was certainly in the 1940s, as I vividly remember it on the lawn of what we called the North House in tiny Sykeston ND.
Given the setting, I was probably about seven or eight years old.
There was the Robin on our lawn, busily disturbing an earthworm, pulling it out of its underground shelter.
I got as close as I could, and watched for what seemed like a long time, then, but probably only a few seconds.
But the memory stuck, and todays Robin brought it back, vivid as the day it happened many years ago.
It is odd how certain memories stick with a person. This memory begets others: the salamander invasion in Anoka circa 1977 comes to mind.
But rather than reciting my own, I invite you to remember some of your fond memories: those pleasant happenings that just seem to stick around for moments like I experienced a few hours ago.
Good day to reconnect with the old standard about living today, positively, “The Station”. Ann Landers printed in 1997 and 1999, and I kept it.
Have a great day.

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