#858 – Anne Dunn: Climate Change. Beyond Debate.

Anne, who has contributed her own writings to this blog several times, comments here on an important issue:
My mother told me a story (not a dream) about an elder who traveled through time. He could go forward or backward. He did this while in a deep sleep. He was probably comatose because he would have to arrange for trusted people to take care of his body while he was gone.
They kept his body, hydrated, clean, fed and safe until he returned and awakened. Then he would tell the people where he had gone and what he had seen. I’m sure it was quite exciting for these people to have such a gifted seer among them.
Then it happened when he had been gone for an extended period that he returned, but refused to talk about where he had been or what he had seen. In fact, he did not time-travel again.
After he had grown old he prepared to die, but called trusted loved ones to his side and told them about the future he had seen. He said he had traveled forward into the “winter of the two suns” (not sundogs). Perhaps he said more, but my mother had no more to tell me.
As the years went by I wondered about the story and the images his words raised. I found them stunning, but puzzling.
However, we are now in a time of unprecedented global warming and I have begun to think that this could be the age the man witnessed. He may have gone even farther into our future and seen the catastrophic conditions brought on by climate change.
Scientists have been warning us for several years that we are approaching the point of no return. In fact, some are telling us that we have already tipped the scale of opportunity. But they were the proverbial voices crying in the wilderness. In spite of the fact that 95-98% of scientists support the findings, a host of naysayers were up in arms. They have created the climate change denial industry. They believe that boldly repeating the loud corporate lies of their wealthy overlords is the best way to secure their short-sighted goals.
Several months ago Congress passed a bill acknowledging that climate change is happening and sea levels are rising and immediate action is required. Sec. of State John Kerry recently called climate change the “world’s most fearsome” weapon of mass destruction. Even Obama is on the bandwagon again.
I have been told that there are eight signs of hope for our island home in endless space. It’s not too late because: we know how to engineer zero carbon buildings; we are entering the age of the electric car; we are using more renewable energy (less coal); states are showing it is possible to cut carbons and create jobs; cities are taking action; the world is ready to take action; China wants to join the campaign for clean energy; renewable energy is on the RISE!
The US and China are the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases. They are ready to cooperate! Together they have said they recognize the need for action “in the light of overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change and its worsening impacts, and the related issue of air pollution from burning fossil fuels.”
These two huge nations agree to implement five initiatives that will include: emission reductions from heavy duty and other vehicles; smart grids; carbon capture and storage; collecting and managing greenhouse gas emissions data; and energy efficiency in building and industry. Well, it’s a step in the right direction.
Climate change is a danger to all. We must wake up and take action. We must join the war for the recovery and survival of earth. Lives depend on it. We cannot abandon the future of life on earth. We must reverse carbon pollution now. Will we heed the voice of wisdom or plunge into further global degradation?
In this devastating war against humanity and other forms of life the rich are on the warpath. They want what they have always wanted. MORE, MORE and MORE! Their greed is insatiable. They have no regard for anything that gets in the way of their power-based-on-wealth. With their great fortunes they have nearly co-opted our government.
There are those who believe we are no longer a democracy but an oligarchy. Eighty percent of all new income goes to the top. It is no accident that the middle class is in a state of collapse and poverty is on the increase. It has been orchestrated to benefit the wealthy and feed their greed.
I have been told that President James Madison once said that political factions are based on property. The ballot has no power if elected leaders have no moral obligation to represent the voters.
We have some warriors in DC, but not enough. We are not sure if those who speak for the earth are ready to join the battle. We know that words are cheap at the national capital, promises are casually made and easily broken. How do Minnesotans stack up in DC?
Sen. Al Franken has issued a statement indicating his agreement with the facts. “The overwhelming majority of scientists agree that climate change is real and that steps must be taken to address the threat to public health, our economy and our national security posed by pollution that destroys our lungs and our environment.” He urges Congress to address this global challenge.
Rep. Rick Nolan acknowledges the grim situation, “The science is clear. The globe is getting warmer, the seas are rising, storms are becoming more frequent and intense, and the cost in dollars and lives and damage is staggering.”
Sen. Amy Klobuchar has issued a long and detailed statement of the situation. Her best words are, “We must commit ourselves to protecting our environment and preserving our natural resources for generations to come.”
Chief Seattle once said, “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”
It’s taken a long time but the world is coming around to the old truths spoken by the earth-based indigenous tribal peoples of Earth.

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