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We went to an outstanding movie at the local theater yesterday: Steven Spielberg’s War Horse. My spouse asked me more than once, “are you all right?” It is one of those films that elicits strong emotional response. I would guess I wasn’t alone among the surprisingly large crowd in the dark, quiet theater.
War Horse opened Christmas Day and is set in WWI England and France. There are a great plenty of reviews. Take your pick.
My personal reviewer – the friend who urged us to see the movie – was my friend, 90 year old Lynn Elling, born shortly after WWI and a veteran of the Pacific war in WWII, an officer on an LST in both WWII and Korea, who saw in person the carnage at places like Tarawa (WWII ship biography for LST 172 at end of this post).
Lynn saw War Horse opening day. The Elling’s Christmas letter, received pre-release, urged receivers to see the film.
Lynn’s visit to Hiroshima in 1954 cemented his lifelong dedication to seeking enduring peace in our world; he is tireless in his quest.

Lynn Elling aboard LST 172, 1944

(click on photos to enlarge them)
Lynn’s story can be found here.
Sure, War Horse is simply a story, as are most movies we attend. But it elevates the better side of humanity.
I would suspect its timed release on Christmas Day in some way was meant to mirror the oft-told story of the Christmas Day Truce on the WWI battle lines. There are endless renditions of this true story. Here’s the portal to them – take your pick.
There is truly an opportunity for peace on earth, and it is the people like ourselves who will make it happen.
See War Horse for yourself. I don’t believe the two hours and twenty minutes will disappoint.

Lynn and Donna Elling Sep 22, 2011

The account of service of LST 172 in WWII, below (click to enlarge) and in pdf form here: Lynn Elling LST 172001
Biography of LST 172

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