#1247 – Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg: Has the United Nations Become Irrelevant?

A recent note came from my long-time and very valued friend, Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg. His message was succinct. “I have recently had an invited essay published by the E-International Relations, Has the United Nations Become Irrelevant? I think that you will find it of interest, and will welcome any comments you care to make on it. You may access the essay here.”

His essay is passed along with his permission.

Dr. Schwartzberg is a long-time, very valued friend. He is an internationally known and highly respected thinker and commentator on the United Nations System.

His book “Transforming the United Nations System Designs for a Workable World” is very interesting and readable. You can read more about the book, and order it here (click on “THE BOOK”).

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