Waiting around….

NOTE TO READERS: For some months my wordpress was being cantankerous with me. At first, it wasn’t allowing me to do edits. The disease seemed progressive. I had grandiose thoughts that I had been hacked, and was being silenced.

Finally, I called Jody, who’d first put me on the internet 16 years ago, and set me up on this blog nine years ago.

She took a look, and there came a rapid diagnosis. In the tech world, time doesn’t stand still. “What you’re working with is like 1.0, and today is like 10.0”, or words to that effect.


So, I’m in process of a makeover. Likely I’ll have to “sneak” this on-line past whatever block it is that won’t let me publish or edit – in other words, I’ll publish this like I published the most recent one. What do I do? You don’t want to know. But, if you see this, I succeeded once again!

Meanwhile, the coming makeover won’t make my writing any better. I’ll find out if old subscribers are still subscribed, or if you need to start over as well.

I’m fond of the photos on my home page, but we’re working on some changes and hopefully will soon be back in business.

Stay tuned. And have a great day.

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