August 1 is 99 Days to the 2022 Election (Nov. 8).  Every single person is, and has to be, the difference maker in a democratic republic as ours still is, and hopefully remains.

In 2020, there were about 240,000,000 eligible voters in the United States, of whom 158 million actually voted. 81, 282,632 voted for Joseph Biden.  His major opponent garnered 74,223,234 votes.  The remaining couple of million or so voted for a large assortment of non-starters.  App. 82,000,000 didn’t vote at all – about one-third of the total eligible.

Generally down-ballot and mid-term vote totals are much lower than the vote for President.  Therein lies the problem and the potential for 2022.

Then there’s the nitty-gritty for everyone: do you even know who  the candidates are for every electoral office in your area, and where they stand on the issues?


There is a bottom line: As noted above, every eligible voter has equal power.  This has nothing to do with personal wealth, status, race.  Every person has a single vote.

There are only two U.S. parties with popular standing and history: Democrat or Republican.  Votes for other party candidates are throwaway votes.  Those who don’t vote at all have zero standing.

In my opinion, the American voter has a stark choice November 8: the most reasonable, or most extreme candidate from either the Democratic or Republican Party.  But each person at the very least has to know who these people are.

For those with a Primary – Minnesota’s is August 9 – the ballot will be determined after the Primary election.

Then it is up to each us.  The polls don’t matter; neither do the ads, which will be ubiquitous and all misleading regardless of for which party.  Who we elect has consequences past Election Day.

It takes a little work to find out who your candidates are; and it takes a little work, perhaps, to find out how to register to vote and details about where to vote.  Do it.

There are a little less than 100 days to Election Day – more than enough time.


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