The Electoral College December 19, 2016

Of course, there have already been questions about what, why, etc. I don’t know the specific answers myself – this is basically without a precedent, going back almost to the founding of our country.
Here are some links, provided by readers:
from Madeline:
Ask the Electors
December 19, U.S.
from Carol:
Make Hillary Clinton President
Vote for a Republican Who Is Not Donald Trump
from Carol: I was unaware of the protests planned for Dec. 19. I see that you plan to attend – however, what exactly is the goal here in MN since our Electors aren’t voting for Trump?
from Dick: I do not know specifics. At this moment, just flag the date. I’ll add more details here as I know them.
One week from today, Monday, December 19, the Electors for President of the United States will meet in their respective states, cast their ballots and go home, wherever that happens to be.
There are 538 of them. Here is the list.
Electors have been part of every election. The 2016 election is the first one I know of where there is legitimate concern about the election of one candidate in preference to the other.
The problem is obvious and crucial.
Hillary Clinton tallied about 3,000,000 more votes than Donald Trump. (Data here).
Donald Trump has an electoral advantage of 305-232 if the Electoral College votes strictly on in-state election results (not required under the U.S. Constitution Article II). u-s-constitution-art-ii001.
The nearest recent analogy might be the Bush-Gore election of 2000, when the Supreme Court had to call the election in the crucial state of Florida. (I still have all of the newspapers from that crazy month in 2000.)
There are gatherings in all states at the time of the vote next Monday. Here are locations by state. I hope to attend in my area.
This is not a frivolous matter. Take the time to learn more about the Electoral College. About a three million vote difference between the two candidates is extraordinary. At the very least we need to witness to the imperative for a just resolution to this. There is no do over after Dec. 19.

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