Thanksgiving 2022

All best wishes for a good Thanksgiving.  I have a great deal to be thankful for this year.  I hope the same for you.

from Rich, this morning: You might enjoy remembering reading this proclamation! ! It seems poignant today!

And another, from Heather Cox Richardson, here.

Friend Molly likes to send poetry selections to her list on occasion.  Here are her Thanksgiving selections: Molly’s 2022 Thanksgiving poetry selections


This year, I want to share, with his permission, a message from my nephew, Sean Maher, which I received on Nov. 18, 2022.  His message is below.

“The kids”, like Sean, and everywhere in the world, are the world’s future, and as my good friend, Lynn Elling, a difference maker, was fond of saying, the great efforts of Sean and others, Covenant House Texas is  “stepping up to the plate” to build a sustainable future for their client kids.  (Lynn died in 2016, at age 95.  I think he’d be very pleased with what Sean is doing.)

There are many ways to make a difference.  Sean’s is only a single example.

Have a great Thanksgiving day, and forward.


Sean: Hi everyone,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The Sleep-Out [Nov. 17] was a night to remember, and we were blessed to have many new sleepers and to hear new stories. Thus far, we have raised over $975K towards our goal of $1.25 MM. A record (and going)! [Later: they’re over $1,ooo,000]

I’d like to share something from the evening, so you can understand why I do this and why it is so important.

  1. Foster Care system: If every church in Texas took care of ONE foster child, then there would be no need for a foster care system. (This means aiding and supporting a family which takes in a foster child).
  2. Human Trafficking: There are more Massage Parlors that engage in Human Trafficking than Starbucks in Houston .
    1. 35,000+ Texas Children go to school within 1,000 feet of an illegal massage parlor
    2. Number of illegal massage parlors (as per Children at Risk)  has nearly doubled in the last 4 years.
  3. Mental Health: Nearly 100% of all homeless youth who walk through the doors of Covenant House have a mental health challenge; anxiety and/or PTSD.

YOU make all the difference.

I asked Angel, a resident of Covenant House Texas, who was homeless at 16 and lived in an encampment until she was 18, what she would say if I could channel her words to you. “Every little bit helps, and everything makes a difference.” 5 minutes of time, $5, 5 prayers, every little bit helps. Heart and “a little bit” was the message time and time and time again.We can save every starfish if we start with the ONE right here.

These KIDS are curious, these KIDS want to have a chance, and these KIDS have had worse days than we ever will. No one is looking for a handout; they are looking to be acknowledged, seen, and heard for their hearts, their passions, and their dreams. They are curious, they want to learn, and they want to grow.

At The Ion, there was a sign “Every Better Way Needs A Place to Be Better.” That is for our Innovation Hub at the epicenter of Houston (a must-see!) However, that is also what Covenant House is to all these kids.

God bless, thank you, and happy Thanksgiving. From my family to yours.


Sean’s page is here.

Sean M – iHeart Radio

Sean M – 104 KBRE

Kurt Nondorf and Steve Biegel – Newsmakers


Forwarded from Frank, via my friend, Kathy, Nov 23:


from Kathy, a recommendation, Jacks Basket, here.

from Rich: Happy Thanksgiving to you and all. Enjoy every moment today. We will gather at our daughters – My son-in-law is in the kitchen! I am in charge of appetizers. I have lots of memories on days like this. My mother was an exceptional cook and went out of her way to establish and maintain traditions that became the foundation for many memories.

BTW: I was playing driveway basketball in “light” sweatshirt in Minot on this day (Nov 24) in 1963. During the game, a neighbor opened the front door to tell us Lee Oswald had been shot. It is a strange way to remember an unusually warm North Dakota November day … and years later  … LOTS OF SNOW greeted my band in NY City for an appearance as Santa’s Band in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1989.

It’s always a good day for gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving, Dick.

from Marion: Watching the tv commercials for Covenant House, I’ve wondered if it was yet another charity with a CEO with a ridiculously high salary. Apparently not.

Dick’s Response: Covenant House did go through the scandalous times, but that was years back.  You can easily google the past.  It is highly reputable now.

from Brad: Happy Thanksgiving to you too Dick.  I hope it is a beautiful and warm one for you and family.

After a Holiday in Kauai with my brother Greg and SIL, it is a reminder how blessed Jeff and I are to share another Thanksgiving together.  I am reminded to share thanks and love in a time stress for so many in our country and world.  Lincoln’s Proclamation of Thanksgiving was truly a national moment of forgiveness as well as affirmation of a Union of people. Thank you for sharing.

from Kathy:  David Hartman of CBS carried a powerful piece on Gratitude.  Here’s the link.

from Donna: This was our Thanksgiving table with the family from Afghanistan.  The kids make you realize how we are more alike then different.  We had a wonderful celebration.

Thanksgiving dinner 2022

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