There is so much happening these days, I can almost understand relying on Tweets, Texts, Mimes and such to avoid paying attention. Just in my own tiny corner of the world, following is some recent

In State of the Union, Feb. 7, I chose to focus on Education policy as I learned it, as opposed to how it is being advanced by the Governor of Florida.  In the last few days came some comments, by Laurie Hertzel, Rich Lowry and Marion Brady, which I feel richly deserve your time.  They are included in the comments section of the blog.

A Year of War (Ukraine), and Snow Days (the recent blizzard), both accessible here, have both had interesting comments added since publication.

The President’s Day blog mostly focused on President Carter.    He was dismissed by critics during his presidency, but more and more his great service to the country both during and after his presidency is being recognized.  Some interesting additional commentaries have been added at the blog.

Sunday night, I watched a film, online: Beyond the Divide, about division and then dialogue between Vietnam war veterans and the peace community in Missoula MT. Regardless of your bias, on whatever issue finds you polarized against someone else,  you will find this film informing and inspiring.  The film is about 90 minutes.

There continue to be very informative easily accessible commentaries on national issues.  The Weekly Sift, most recent, comments on Rep. Greene’s not-so-novel notion about dividing the U.S. into Red and Blue.   My summary: be very careful what you pray for, if you agree with her nonsensical proposal.

Joyce Vance gives a clear-eyed lawyers view of what’s ahead legally on particularly the Georgia election case.

Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American are always worthwhile, and almost daily; ditto for Jay Kuo’s Status Kuo.  It’s worthwhile to stay informed; a responsibility of a citizen in this country of ours.  And stay actively engaged.  This is no time to sit on the sidelines.

I won’t predict the Alex Murdaugh verdict.  If the lawyer were Raymond Burr, and the show Perry Mason, justice would be administered right after the commercial…and it would be Mason’s genius that would win the day.  As I write, the jury is being taken to see the scene of the crime.

POSTNOTES: As you know, guilty verdict for Alex Murdaugh.  I didn’t follow much of the actual trial; it seems evident that lying was not a useful character trait when push came right down to shove.   Lives destroyed and his in ruins.

Fact of the matter: we all lie, often to ourselves.  That’s doesn’t make it right.  Some make it a very bad habit, and ultimately pay for it.  Someone – I think it was one of the Nun’s I had in elementary school – taught us a lesson years ago.  There are two kinds of lies: Omission (leaving something out of the story); Commission (telling a whopper).  It stuck.  Watch your step.

It was noted, quietly, and very positively, that the Judge in Murdaugh trial was African-American.  In South Carolina.

Also yesterday, a military hero from Vietnam was granted a richly deserved Medal of Honor from service years ago. African American, officer, PhD….

There remains a long way to go, but slowly but certainly positive change is happening.



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