Mark Ritchie on Expo 2023, Thursday evening, June 9, 2016, The Woman's Club, Minneapolis MN

“Wellness And Well Being For All: Healthy People, Healthy Planet”: that is the working theme for the proposed Expo 2023 in Minnesota. Former Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has been having conversations about the idea since 2014 and a look at the projects website gives much interesting information.
Thursday evening, June 9, Ritchie will speak at an open-to-the-public annual meeting of Citizens for Global Solutions at The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis. His topic: “Working Minnesota’s Global” How can we best use our heritage of global-mindedness and activism to maximize our impact in our community, state, nation and planet?”
(click to enlarge – printable pdf here: Mark Ritchie June 9005
Mark Ritchie June 9006
Minnesotans know Mark Ritchie was Minnesota’s Secretary of State (2007-15), and before that as founder and long time Director of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, “a non-profit organization working with businesses, churches, farm organizations and civic groups to foster long-term sustainability for Minnesota/s rural communities. Among other issues, it looked into how global trade rules impact family farmers and rural communities.”
Since completing his terms as Secretary of State, Mr. Ritchie has been very active in planning an internationally focused Expo 2023, which will bring a positive and international focus on Minnesota and the surrounding region.
His is a long record of activism and interest in international policy issues, including the United Nations. His talks are always stimulating.
Now, with his planning of the internationally focused Expo 2023, Mr. Ritchie is again bringing Minnesota into the international spotlight. We hope to see you on June 9.
It is very important that Reservations be made, as noted on the flier, by May 23.

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