The primary purpose of this post is the following paragraph.  I know J. and her work well.  The talk on Zoom next week is very much worth your time.

Upcoming: One week from today, Thursday, January 19, 7 p.m. CST.  J. Drake Hamilton of Fresh Energy will be guest speaker via Zoom for Citizens for Global Solutions MN Third Thursday.  All details are here.  Free, available everywhere.  Pre-registration required.

J. is an exceptional presenter, highly experienced and respected.  You will be happy you spent the time.

Related, and pertinent is this, sent to me on Jan 4 by Claude. The 19 page monograph by Dr. William E. Rees,  is already published online but it will be part of the 2023 Vienna Yearbook of Demographics.

I must say that the impending Climate Emergency makes a lot of other issues look like rearranging the deck furniture of the Titanic.


While you’re at the Global Solutions website, consider watching the recorded November, 2022, Third Thursday, featuring Natalie Etten, Ukrainian native, about Ukraine.

Also, Sunday’s post on the House of Representatives will be, and has been, updated with additional information, as you wish, about issues of the week just passed.  I will likely continue to augment for some time – something of a ‘filing cabinet’ on the issues arising.

There are pieces about the uprising in Brazil, the Biden papers, etc.  Lots to learn about.

Monday is Martin Luther King Day, and February is Black History month.   Devote some of your time in positive engagement where you are.


“A Privileged Moment” was the title of  Janice Andersen’s column in the Jan. 8 newsletter of my church, the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis.  The column is well worth your time regardless of personal beliefs: Janice Andersen Jan 8 2023.  In paragraph two, Janice refers to a Jan. 1 message from Pope Francis.  You can read his relatively brief message here.

An unexpected companion came early this week in the belated Christmas letter from my long-time friend, Fr. Vince from another midwest state.  He and I met years ago at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington DC, where he commented to the congregation he was from Minnesota, and I happened to be at Mass.   (At the time, I was at meetings at the National Education Association just down the street.)  Vince and I have stayed connected over the many miles over the years.

Here is a part of his Christmas letter which I think fits the spirit of this post, this season and this time in history: Fr. Vince letter Jan. 2023.

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