This is my 7th commentary on the general issue of Gaza and Israel.  All of these are linked at the beginning of the first post from October 8, 2023, here.

Since October 7. about 125 days ago, there has been one atrocity after another in the area around the tiny region called Gaza.  I don’t have to review the details for you.  You know them.  As I write there appears to be a tiny possibility of a cease fire after tens of thousands of deaths, immense destruction, and outbursts of violence elsewhere in the region.  One can only imagine what is ahead.

Of course, this brings out the political craziness in our own country we are watching play out at this very moment, bringing in other issues, like immigration, Ukraine, Houthy’s….  About the best any one of us common folks can do is to attempt to be informed.

Re Gaza/Israel, I gave personal impressions at this space on October 8, and again about 30 days later, on November 8.  What I said then speaks for  itself.  There have been 7 posts in all.  (See first para above).

In the interim I’ve tried to become better informed about the region.

None of these comments and thoughts have solved any of the tragic problems in the region, but hopefully they at least provide a tiny breeze that might help move and inspire one person somewhere in a better position than I to make a difference.  Margaret Mead probably said it best, many years ago: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

A distinct benefit of having even a small network, as is true with this one, is the potential for additional credible information from credible sources – persons I’ve come to know well – which helps improve my knowledge base.  Also, in this time of disappearing local newspapers and similar sources, I’ve decided to keep ongoing subscriptions to the local Minneapolis StarTribune (home delivery); and the New York Times and Washington Post on-line, plus Joyce Vance and Heather Cox Richardson. particularly well informed columnists on history and law..

All of these sources have become important.  In relevant point:

February 1, Joyce sent a lengthy New York Times magazine review of the history of this place sometimes called Palestine, sometimes Israel, often in conflict.   Joyce is from the Jewish tradition; I have other friends from Muslim and Christian who are similarly fine and caring and informed people.  We do what we can.

The byline for the Feb. 1 commentary is Emily Bazelon,  entitled “The Road to 1948” and is accessible to subscribers here, also likely available, possibly through a paywall for visitors.  The conversation is useful to better understand the area.  There is also a similar article, 30 pages, published Nov. 30, entitled “Was Peace Ever Possible?

Do take the time….

And you don’t already do so, support the media in your community which endeavors to inform citizens on issues of the day.  There are usually several ways of subscribing.  Nothing in life is truly free; support the press.

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