International Women’s Day

Time very well spent: the film “On Her Shoulders”, about Nadia Murad.  See “Related and timely”, below.


Yesterday, March 8, was International Women’s Day.  March is Women’s History Month.  This year has celebrated the centennial of Women’s Suffrage in the United States.  There’s been much progress; still a very long ways to go….

We celebrate different people in different ways.  Most of us, women and men, are uncelebrated, which is unfortunate.  For without ordinary people with persistence and passion and ideals, making a difference in small and large ways, we would not have a society at all.

Yesterday, my friend and colleague Jim Nelson sent a two page commentary on “Women’s contributions in “Building a Better World”.  You can read it here: Women’s Contributions.

Jim, Minneapolitan, has a long career as an active participant in peace, justice, international and sustainability matters, and he profiles a few of many positive role models in his life as an activist.  Mostly they have no books written about them, nor special notoriety, but they, like us, can make a real difference.


Related, and timely: A group of which I’m part, Citizens for Global Solutions MN, has its virtual Third Thursday Film discussion upcoming on March 18.  Details here.  Scroll down to Third Thursday Global Films.  This months focus is Nadia Murad, co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

Note: you need to RSVP to join the discussion on March 18, and are asked to watch the film, available on-line at Amazon, before the meeting. [POSTNOTE Mar. 13.  I watched this film, On Her Shoulders, this evening.  It is very powerful.  Do watch the film, available on Amazon, and join the conversation on Thursday, March 18.]

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  1. Melvin Giles
    Melvin Giles says:

    Thank you, Dick! Keep shining your bright light of sharing truth and working for justice.
    May Peace Prevail On Earth (MPPOE)!
    Peaceful Thoughts,
    Melvin G.

  2. Jane Peck
    Jane Peck says:

    I’d like to invite everyone to watch the 25 minute video made of our show, Votes for Women! Rally 1920. It focuses on 5 Minnesota suffragists. We four actors had paid engagements to tour this show around MN this year, but Covid interfered. I wrote and directed it through History Alive Lanesboro. You can find a link to watch it on our website . We’d really like to share it with you all!


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