Haiti, et al

We’re in the Age of Zoom (my apologies to competitors).  Even as a retiree with 21 years seniority, I have at least 3 Zoom events this week.  Two are listed below, and worth checking out..

  1.  Coffee Hour on Haiti, Sat Jan 30, 10 to noon CST.  All details here.
  2. Today, was a very stimulating full day brought to us by Global Minnesota, who said: “Global Minnesota’s International Day of Education Symposium. Today we tackled urgent questions about how we design the future of learning in a world now highly aware of both pandemics – Covid-19 and Climate Disruption. Thank you for tuning in. So much depends on us. We hope you left feeling inspired, informed and engaged. In the coming days, a full replay will be available on [Global Minnesota’s website].  Please note: the “full replay” is not yet available.  Simply check back every few days.  The entire agenda was very interesting, particularly for anyone interested in education policy and practice in these days of Covid-19.
  3. I am very willing to forward via this means notice of other virtual events which seem relevant.  Send adequate detail.
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