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PRENOTE: I have added some postnotes to last weeks post on Gaza.  Please take a look.


Yesterday we, along with several hundred others, attended the annual breakfast of an organization which does very good work, Fresh Energy.

We have contributed substantially to the work of Fresh Energy since 2016.  Fresh Energies mission is “to shape and drive bold policy solutions to achieve equitable carbon-neutral economies. Together we are working toward a vision of a just, prosperous, and resilient future powered by a shared commitment to a carbon-neutral economy”.   It has a remarkable record of success working for positive incremental change.  I encourage  your active interest in Fresh Energy.   This in no was is intended to diminish the work of other related organizations.  Fresh Energy’s program has found a very important niche in the national and international initiative.

The entire October 12 program (slightly more than an hour) can be viewed here.  I found especially stimulating the talk by Ramez Naan, which begins at about 53 minutes and runs for about 25 minutes.  But the entire program (just over an hour) is very worthwhile.

We left Thursday’s program with the usual souvenirs, including a tote bag with this illustration (the buildings spell something):

Fresh Energy gift Oct 12, 2023.

The pamphlet which came with this illustration  gives many suggestions, available online (below).

It was sadly ironic for me that the illustration of “community” above came into my possession at about the same time the forced evacuation of Gaza Palestinians was announced by Israel, and the TV screen is full of scenes of these kinds of streets in ruins.

The world is making progress, but not always in a positive direction.

Take the time to get more actively engaged.

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